The source of the exact same problem as JULY19-Circular Merging

This should be a very common introductory problem for dynamic programming. You can use Google to search for exactly the same model.

Monkey Party
Stone Amalgamation
a dicuss


Mixtures is also somehow same:-
Codechef Similar Question

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Yes, the merging problem is well known, except that the Codechef version was “circular” merging.


In fact, the “circular” merging version is also well known.

Yeah, It was a standard DP

Disappointed after seeing this.

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What happend? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

How the algorithm proceed can you explain it ?

In long challenges we expect new questions.


It was classical dynamic problem famously knows as Matrix Multiplication, wondering what’s the problem if it is, because every problem has some subset logic.

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Circular isn’t big deal just be greedy and permute it in such a way that largest element comes at end or in beginning and then it’s simply non-circular.

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Indeed, I don’t think this problem should be there.

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One more Slimes - Educational DP Contest


Yes, so I think this one should be unrated.

You’re right. Thank you for your commit. It helped me a lot. :yum:

This is not how things work here.

Don’t say that I spent lot of time in this contest.


OK, I’m just kidding.

No man, I would be 4 star after this