Thoughts about ICPC 2017 Online Round



Hello everyone,

I happened to participate in the ICPC 2017 online round yesterday, and I just thought I’d record my opinion on this forum.

  1. First and foremost, the contest was not at all conventional. There was a stark difference between last year’s Online Round(which had an assortment of problems from DP to Graphs to Greedy) and this year,which was just high on math. Was this comfortable for the majority? I believe not. So, do you call the contest bad? No. Recently, there seems to be a cognitive definition for contests in general, and anything that doesn’t follow this pattern seems to be frowned upon (Case in point : Codeforces Round #444 (div2) ). This contest, for sure, thoroughly emphasized on why one has to be strong with mathematics to excel in programming.

  2. With regard to the issues of cheating and discussion on StackExchange, well, I guess nothing can be done about it. Its going to be extremely unfair to the ones who actually solved it, yes. But I don’t think there’s any plausible solution for such an issue. I saw quite a few people requesting for a recontest , but honestly, that’s never going to happen guys. Issues did crop up last year as well, but they were simply overlooked. I do hope there’s some other way out of this menace, but a recontest will never ever workout. To the ones who might accuse me of supporting “no recontest” for selfish reasons, nope. My team may not make it to the regionals this time for all we know.

  3. Why are the solutions hidden for all teams? I request @admin to make all solutions public, and also to add the problems to practice section along with editorials if possible.


Btw I solved the first 3 problems on at most 2 tries and didn’t face this issue because I have faced this issue before and had gotten my lesson. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats great man! Congrats! :smiley:


“The solutions must be made public soon.”

Even 2016 online round solution haven’t been made public yet, @admin. :3


@adiabhi, forgive me for my noob-ness, but could you tell me how relative error and absolute error make a difference in precision?


Remind me once the final ranklist is published. I will put it across her again then. Currently thy are busy with things.


@vijju123 Sure!


Ohk, sorry, didnt noticed! :slight_smile:


There is a very nice binary search based solution for STDDEV. Also, it takes one a bit of fiddling with formulas to come up the right expression. This is the kind of problem which can have many possible ways of solving it up. It’s really weird to expect each problem to have some sort of coding skills involved. For a second problem, I think this is not a fair criticism.


@akshayvenkat97: We can only publish submissions made during the contest by the permission of regional directors.


Well, here she comes to make things easier for me :3


Yes, sir there are many possibilities, but this might have made difference.
Overall it was an humbling experience.


@admin Can we get the intended solutions please? My solution is based on picking just 2 variables and fill the N length sequence with those. I would like to know what the binary search solution is.


@ista2000 Here is the solution link.


One other side benifit would be that the submission queue will be not be that long as compared to questions with single line answers.I am just putting my viewpoint. I may be wrong.


What if the mentor itself helps in corruption? After all, everyone has his own favorites who he wants to win. There are some other issues also in implementation, but I still value the opinion. Your direction is correct, I like that you gave a good thought over the suggestion :slight_smile:


@guitarlover your solution will not make any difference. I agree with @vijju123 . A cheater is a cheater, he can send the login credentials to his relative/friend and get AC thereby beating a deserving team by unfair means. In an unproctured environment, there is no solution which can ensure that nobody cheats. Obviously this is really sad and wrong, but till now, there is no solution to this. Anyway cheating teams will be useless in the regionals :slight_smile: they won’t go to the finals for sure :slight_smile:


How is it fair for a Russian/Chinese team to not qualify for the World Finals, when they are muchhhhhh better than an hypothetical Indian team that managed to qualify for the WF? The region-wise slots are always going to be there in the World finals, and obviously the college-wise slots are present for the regionals! After all, the spirit of ICPC is to spread the idea of competitive programming to as many universities as possible.