Time for change in long challenges

I think, codechef needs to make 2 long challenges in month each for 3-4 days rather than giving 10 days,as it gives so much time for discussion. I know this won’t stop cheaters but it will reduce the ratio of cheaters to some extent.


Bro cheaters will always find ways to cheat. They are only cheating themselves by artificially boosting their rank just for showing off and learning nothing. Long challenges are, first and foremost, for learning. 10 days is a good amount of time to learn new techniques and try to implement them.

As for 2 Long challenges, I am no setter but I would imagine it takes some time to come up with, set and test questions. So I don’t know how feasible that would be.

All in all I’d say stop worrying about cheaters and rank man. Just try to learn and stuff.


Why don’t you understand that its never about cheaters. They will cheat no matter what, if long challenges would be of 3-4 days than good luck solving other questions except ttuple. Its better to focus on yourself and learn as much possible. There is a reason higher rated players never rant about this topic.


not really continuing the discussion from Ranking shouldn't be Ultimate!: but the author there must note

when you create a topic, you get a suggestion box stating something like

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before closing it, I implore you to read it once and not create redundant threads.
These threads come up in a magnitude of hundreds of thousands after every LONG CHALLENGE now…
Yes, I agree that ranking isn’t everything and we should improve anti-cheating mechanisms but i ask you to focus on yourself, and perform better. Rating doesn’t matter. These cheaters can’t cheat their way out of interviews and examinations…prove your skills in short challenges

Every opinion matters, but i politely request you to voice your opinion on a common thread and not create a new one each time

ik i m a little too late, but whatever

Sorry i am new in discuss section. I am learning the do’s and don’s of it. I just posted what i felt because i saw people talking about this. And i didn’t notice that Your topic similar part. Also the thread has been shut down by admin. : /