Unacademy free subscription

@admin I’ve topped from my college in september cook-off and also filled the form beforehand, now how to avail that offer to get started with my free 1-month subscription.
Kindly help


@admin also have same question.

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@admin I also have the same question!!

Please reply as soon as possible!!

I had exams going on…i submitted a blank code…lol to get the subscription and slept.
Got up this morning to find the deadline for the form was 2am in the night…


You’ll get an email with details today.

@anshuman17you got subscription?

@admin Where is unacademy mail?

Got mail. Just now :fire::fire:

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@admin how will i get to know that if i have topped from my college in september cook off or not??


@admin I got mail but I already had registered using the same email and my phone number as primary, I am not able to see any changes, courses are still locked!!

Are you able to access paid content now?

I am not, what about you?

paid courses are still locked

I think they will give some referral code or something later.

@admin same issue.

Maybe but I am scared of 3pm thing :joy:

Yeah, the paid lectures are still locked. If they are going to give some referral code later, then why is there a “CLAIM YOU SUBSCRIPTION” button in the mail?

Let’s wait for @admin to speak up.

@admin same issue…

@admin same issue