under 100% attendance participation reward

can anyone tell me,if i am eligible for the reward if my attendance is 100% from July 2016 to July 2017 ?

No, you aren’r. Contests after March 17 are considered. But you need to participate in ALL long, cookoff and lunchtime (total 36 contests)


you mean,I should participate and score !=0 at least for 12 time in each ALL long, cookoff and lunchtime,they may not be continuous ?


I think ^^ rules need some revision after introduction of division system. What the answer comes do update at https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/51999/how-do-i-win-a-codechef-goodie/52066 . And there should not be any hidden T&C on CC regarding Laddus. Like this was a condition today although I am a active user on CC.

Because present June19 problems a bit harder. I was searching on forum is there any way that I can continue my streak. And only solving Div2 problems will not change my rating in case I am unable to come up with a soln for div1. Will I be considered participated in that case If I don’t submit any question of Div1 ??

If possible can CC disclose mechanism for rewarding random laddus ?? Is there a script ??

Or they a picked by through a die and removing players in knock out ( Tournament )fashion. And 5 usernames which remain alive until last are rewarded. xD.

Do remove Read more about the New Prize Categories here. from ^^ link. And add [OutDated] in heading of https://blog.codechef.com/2017/03/03/new-goodies-new-categories-new-prizes-every-contest/ .

Because here is a recursion hapenning. 1 = https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/51999/how-do-i-win-a-codechef-goodie?page=1#52066 2 = https://blog.codechef.com/2017/03/03/new-goodies-new-categories-new-prizes-every-contest/

1 says New Prize Categories here(2). 2 say this is outdated Update: Since the introduction of the Rating Division System, there are some minor changes in the Laddus system, and is detailed here.(1)

1 directs to 2. 2 directs to 1. And so on.

P.S. @vijju123 After 5 comments I was thinking of writing one more comment with request to extend limit of maximum size of comment. xD.

P.P.S. Those 5 comments are now clubbed into this answer and are deleted.


I have participated in all contest during JUNE-17 to MAY-18 and have solved atleast one problem in each. Still I haven’t received laddus. When will I laddus?

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Beacuse, Contests before March 2017 will not be counted as mentioned here.

Admin also said “in any 12 month period”. It needs to be continuous, because else its impossible to participate 12 times in all 3 contests within 12 months.

@vijju123 Need clarification here. This was written before introduction of division system. Is You have to have non-zero score in all 36 contests in any 12 month period. especially if when were are in div1 Because in COOK93A I have zero score. I made 6 submissions but failed on all. Also in COOK93A I have not soved non scorable problem. My rating was dropped. I assumed I was participated in the contest. But reading these lines make me ineligible.

Also will I be eligible for laddu’s if I solve only non scorable problem in June18 ?? Because in this case ratings are not changed.

AFAIK, you need to have at least one AC (atleast partially) submission. Let me confirm with @admin

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Yeah that sucks when we are in div 1
Please do request admin to do something about it…
Div 1 may be probably tough for someone and he has to participate in div 1 compulsorily… and after that he needs non zero score !!
I just got 30 points in one of them I was also afraid if I could continue my streak or not… but I ended up getting 30…

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I just continued with my streak but I could be one like Aryan some day…

It would be great if admin allows to continue streak by solving div 2 problem…
#that’s just a request to admin…

^If your content is too much to fit 5 comments you can actually write it as an answer xD @aryanc403


Changed comments to a separate answer.

I got random laddus once… Felt lucky that day :smiley:
I think they would have made sure about repetition of random laddus winner… So that one person doesn’t get it every time… otherwise it would be really random…

June comes after march afaik xD

Once they sort out the plagiarism thing, I’d ask them to look at your request. Till then I will try to get an answer for your doubts.

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Was March Lunchtime 2018 considered?
If yes then I have the same streak too…june17 to may lunchtime.

yeah please ask them to look at our request after that thing… thanks :slight_smile:

@vijju123 Read the question again.
@nissan7 is asking for the 100% attendance participation reward from July 2016 to July 2017.