Unethical Karma Farming?

I am finally frustrated and have to post this .I have been observing the codechef profile of this months top contributor @laxman94 for today and have found that most of his upvotes are done by his college mates. Over the past 2 days, his classmates @harryi3t (10 upvotes), @nagendra085 (10 upvotes) and @praveen2jan (6 upvotes) have upvoted almost each and every one of his answers in a bid to increase his karma.This is just todays observation and not for the whole month!

I do not know if he is personally involved in this but i feel it is highly unethical and unfair to people like @kuruma who deserves to be Top Contributor as he has genuinely contributed and is not just getting upvotes from his friends. Please do not indulge in such activities and disturb this wonderful forum otherwise the karma system would completely lost its meaning.


if his votes are not genuine then its bad to see people doing like this :frowning: :frowning: dont know what actually they get from it? (feeling bad to see people use it like “LIKES ON FACEBOOK AMONG FRIENDS”:frowning: :frowning: )

Hey kcahdog, We will investigate all the accounts in question, and if we find anything fishy we will take necessary action against all the accounts involved.Thanks for reporting it to us.

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This is happening again now. See this link -

Precisely my point. I saw his profile in the afternoon and saw 2 people had upvoted him a lot. Then i opened his profile again some time ago and found some guy had upvoted him 10 times in a span of a few minutes. Really irritating when people do such nonsense!

I have been observing a same incident this month. Check this: https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/80583/how-fair-is-the-top-contributors-list

Thanks for raising this issue . I guess these people are doing this for codechef goodies.

@admin please look into this

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