Updates on curtailing plagiarism

should give a choice to compete as rated or unrated otherwise others who genuinely solved ranks goes below.

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Too many cheaters in this


Mass Cheating today, Just Watch Ranklist and insitute and check their code you can find plag easily.


Wow, this problem doesn’t seem trivial.
During the contest, I was wondering which obvious thing I am missing by looking at the number of solves.


as always mass cheating.
Request to codechef : stop making stupid and useless updates on the platform interface, just remove cheaters correctly, that’s all we want. I have known cheaters who have been cheating from last 10 to 15 contests and not have been plagiarized once, even after using same exact code as others.


@codechef try to detect plagiarized first and only after that make changes in rating we can wait after contest to get updated ratings


Yes there was a mass cheating in yesterday’s contest…
Please take some action…


One Telegram group is the master brain behind all this huge cheating going on in recent contests.

Group Link: Telegram: Contact @cp_coding_grp

There’s only one way to ban such Telegram and YouTube groups, and its by mass reporting and booking the group under copyright infringement. Telegram monitors and handles Copyright issues very precisely, so I think that’s one way to reduce the amount of cheating happening in contests. We as a community can make this happen and make Codechef a better place!

Also, don’t hesitate yourself from sharing any of those cheater group links here, even if you don’t share, some way or the other cheaters will find a way to reach such groups, so it’s always better to share them here and get those groups banned ASAP. What do you think guys???


This telegram group is also a mastermind : Telegram: Contact @leetcodegroup
live answers of almost all questions get published for free within 1hr of live contest


Still same situation

Many people have cheated in STARTERS 52 contest. I have found some of the solutions who have exactly same code or same logic so kindly decrease their ratings as soon as possible. Due to these kind of people, our rating gets decreased. Kindly see the below plagarised solutions:

Problem C (Div.2) is ruined


In the 5th problem, the submission was around 70 till 10:30 PM, and immediately after 10 minutes submission reached 350, Wow.


Like codeforces , rating changes should be done after a plagiarism check. Ratings should be calculated after removing cheaters.


Cheating can be brought down a lot if the contest is reduced to around 2hrs which is actually sufficient the extra time is useless imo and the cook off are even ridiculous with 3:30 hrs

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bro, I don’t understand your concept, I mean to solve a question there may be 4 or 5 logic max, so I think many would have done with the same logic without even knowing it.
And for the same code issue, I myself use the variables provided in the question like t, n, a, b, etc.
someone else might have done the same thing, so that doesn’t mean that person or I cheated.


Hi everyone,
for the last month I’ve been receiving emails from CodeChef accusing me of plagiarism in different contests I took part.

The contests are the following:

As you can clearly see, it’s quite obvious that the solutions were copied, but I can assure you I came up with these solutions by my own and I can easily explain them; you can even check submissions to other problems in the platform to see that it is my style and template.

Furthermore, if you look at the profiles of the people whose code is similar to mine, some of them have been accused of plagiarism before.

Despite telling the Help team that I’ve never cheated (and never would I), they replied to me with an automatic message saying that it is my responsibility to take care of my code.

I totally agree with that, but I’m pretty sure that it’s impossible that someone would have been able to steal my code during the contests, since I use VSCode to debug my solutions locally and then I immediately upload them to CodeChef.

I’m writing because after two months of doing contests, I had finally reached Div 1 (2066 rating), but now because of this situation my rating has dropped a lot, and further will do.

First of all I would like someone inside the CodeChef team to read this message and hopefully help me.
Second, I would like to know if anyone else has faced or is facing a similar situation.

Thanks for the attention and I hope I will receive a positive response.


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@admin123 @admin please may I know when will be the ratings recalculated again,
after removing the plag solutions.

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