Updates on curtailing plagiarism

I was falsely accused of plagiarism in Starters 45C. I did not participate in the contest. Please look into the matter.


Any updates guys??

My rating haven’t been updated . Last time you told me 286 participants rating are yet to be calculated and I am one of them and ratings will be calculated and modified within 1 or 1.5 months but now more than 2 months are passed but there are no sign of rating change . Can I get update now ?


Same issue here @admin

Why there is decrease in my rating without no reason more than 100 points have been deducted what is the reason for this

Since I started programming, I have never ever , and never thought off, cheating. But I dont know why I have been plagiarized, it ruined all of mine hardwork till date. @admin please see to this matter and resolve it as soon as possible. Also after many ups and downs I reached 1500+ rating but one false plagiarism strike took all the way back, now it doesnt even feel to open my graph…

Also I did not received a single mail regarding this claim.

For cheating. A detailed email would have been sent to you.

You were sent an email on Aug 23rd. Check your spam folder, and if you still can’t find it, send an email to help@codechef.com.

Hi I have wrongly being penalised in the last contest on 7th september. I have not done any sort of unethical practice in that but still my rating has been wrongly deducted. I want to participate in today’s contest with the rating that i have earned. I can give evdence to prove that i have not done any cheating. Please help so that i can participate in the contest launched today with the rating I deserve

i didn’t receive any mail regarding this yet

this is the query that i posted in the form and admin said to wait for the gmail, I am still waiting for the gmail and still no reply —

"So 17th august I gave my last starter contest hoping I would reach 4 star, but left will 1 rating in hand got 1799 , i took 1-2 week off because of my exams, and then gave starter 55 on 7sep was able to barely able to solve 4Q and get 20 rating up(1819) and was happy because I was 4 star then 2 days later 9th sep I opened my account only to see that I was 2 star, I was shocked. I saw my learning graph said that my rating was deducted due to Plagiarism. Then I saw my Gmail and didn’t find any mail about it. Later I found that it was in my promotion page, saying i have been caught for plagiarism at starter 51 div 2
my solution — Solution: 71042411 | CodeChef

and the other person’s solution – Solution: 71090416 | CodeChef

now i don’t know why my code is similar to mine after check his/her 's profile that he/she has been caught before too . I mostly use the char that are given in the contest like s , s1,s2 – for string , arr,a,- array, v,v1,v2 – vector, and am worried because of this do we have to initialize or write bizarre value codes every time just not to get plague :frowning: and the main Q , here I am barely able to solve 3-4 Qs in the contest and still get plague and her 1 star solves literal 1700+, 1800+ rated Qs. Even the last contest I gave (starter 55)was barely able to solve 4Q , that took me more than 2hrs to solve.

I have sent a Gmail my case, hopefully you all take the right decision :frowning: "

my solution — Solution: 71042411 | CodeChef

other person’s solution — Solution: 71090416 | CodeChef

These two people cheated in STARTERS 56, @admin Please have a look
Please ban them!!

When will my rating will be updated ?? I am one of those 286 members whose rating have not been updated .


@admin please check i’m wrongly plagiarised in a contest which was happened before 4 months

I got an plagiarism mail for september long challenge… I had sent an mail to help@codechef.com… But when he sent an plagiarism mail he said that in case its false you should replay within 2days but i replaied him after 1 week… Will he agree this mail as its passed the deadline … If he accepts it. In how many days he will replay to us.

I don’t get it why is my rating going down. It happened in starter 57 and yesterdays September lunchtime too. I solve 2 problems each for the above contests. If possible please care to explain.

Try to solve 3 to 4 problems and your rating will surely increase. As lot of people were able to solve the 3rd and 4th problem so relative to them you lacked more than the algorithm expected so your ratings decreased.

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HEY dont care about ranks, just try to solve as many problems as you can it will increase automatically