Updates on curtailing plagiarism

its highly unlikely , try to solve faster . I also try to solve my question as fast as i can and then when i can’t attempt anymore Qs (usually after 3/4 questions) i give up and when i come back to see the rank after the contest ends my rank doesn’t drop that much

I got a penalty for cheating at lunchtime, that I cheated from another account but both users are my account. I just accidentally logged in to my other google account (@hardik6) and when I realized that I resubmitted it on my main account,
I hope this does not do any violation. you can refer to my that account (@hardik6) that I did that challenge only and one question in my secondary account, if this can prove me not guilty I request you to upvote this post so that they remove the penalty because this cause me very inconvenience and I will delete that account if that cause any issue in the future.

According to CodeChef, You should not have more than one account. if you have any you should delete them. So it is impossible to remove the penalty.


In the recent contests, I found that cheating has increased too much in the Codechef. In the last three contests I performed pretty well then also my rating didn’t increase as it was expected.
In September Lunchtime I solved the first four problems of division 3 within 40 minutes and my rank was around 400 but after an hour all the answers were available in telegram and the second question of the contest whose accuracy was around 2 or 3 suddenly increase to 30. As I have solved the problem before it was available on the telegram my rank was still between 400 to 500. Then boom answer to subtask 1 of the 5th question released in the telegram and my rank comes from 500 to 700. @admin I think CodeChef should work more on plagiarism and they should check the last submission of the contestant or whenever the frequency of submission increase for a particular question they should flag them and can check afterward.

Apart from that @admin strict action should be taken against cheaters because they are affecting the environment of the CodeChef. Codechef can give them a strike and after one or two strikes CodeChef should delete their account.

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Hey! Dont participate in long challenges it sucks due to mass cheating and copy pasting in hostels, better only participate in Short contests.

solve 5 problems in div3 your rank will increase

but why i have 2acs i use them for practice

Telegram Grp link

Soultions of first 5-6 questions in div 2 were leaked in this telegram groups during the contest
codechef , jeevanjyot and other contributers to this contest pls look into this…

Yaar CRED is hiring and itna cheating is really heart breaking, almost all the solutions for problem D is same, Please, please, please look into this @admin , please

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Telegram Grp link

Soultions of first 5-6 questions in div 2 were leaked in this telegram groups during the contest
codechef , jeevanjyot and other contributers to this contest pls look into this…

Hi admin
Why plag checking is not happening in codehef.Today CRED is hiring from the contest and many of students got very much better rank by just submitting the same code.I want that only genuine person can reach such big company .Please look inti this matter.

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Codechef does not give a fuck about this . They have not changed and will not change . I will never recommend anyone for contest on this platform .
– Codeforces is best for contest go for it .
You can practise problems from here but not contest . Worst platform in terms of contest.

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@as9211 - FYI, stats on the plagiarism checking. START61 rating deduction will also be completed by 26th Oct.

@pkpawan123 - Hope the stats answer your queries.

It doesn’t answer my question though. You got more cheaters than actual solvers. I would say in div. 4 in yesterday’s starters61 the ratio lies somewhere 70-80% cheaters and 20% genuine. You can find that for yourself. At yesterday’s 9:30pm the acceptance rate was just 5% in Red and Blue flowers and hardly 20-25 people solved it. That’s 1 hour and 30 min already in the contest, that’s a lot of time .
Now, you see over 1000 people getting it right. Even div 1 people has acceptance rate of 27% but here people are so smart that they get it in only 2 attempts. 54% acceptance rate.

By this logic Div 4 > Div 1

I think 3 hours is a lot of time to leak solutions. If you guys can keep it short, I think outcome will be better

Are ratings updated for valid or ligit candidates too after the plag check ? — NO.
Why my rating change is still pending ? I was one of 286 guys whose ratings were not changed/updated .
Stats are very far from exact numbers but we can live with that , but the change should be visible to people who didn’t did cheating . Their rating should be updated too after removing cheaters.


@admin there was 90 submission on this problem in starter 61 Row Bombing … remove this submissions and update ranklist …

And so on, There are hardly 10-20 submission are non cheaters , hope you’ll take action agains this …All solutions are same with different variables only @admin @report_123 @cheat_reporter check strick plag check for this problem

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@admin you should do strict plag checking,as people use different variables,unnecessary code in between the exact code so that they will be not plagarised.

hey, @admin good to see this. Does rating recalculation for other users is also done at the same time?

Undoubtedly Codechef has become the worst site for any competitive programmer
It is almost impossible to get an honest rank according to one potential due to mass plagiarism in CodeChef.
People just post the solution on youtube and telegram groups and everyone just copy paste that code and get a very good rank pushing back the honest coders who are giving contest without cheating
In a recent contest, I was doing pretty good according to my potential in Div 2, with the 5th problem having only 4 solutions at that time and within 10 minutes it crossed 142 submissions and a user who was merely able to solve the 1st problem in 45 minutes has solved the 5th problem a 1200 rated user was able to solve 2600 rated problem just because he YouTubed the solution.
And after the contest when I tried to see what is the approach to that by looking into some user’s solutions I saw tons of exact solutions just simple copy-paste with a lot of commenting and changing the variable names. Wasted 3 hours in a contest just to see cheaters get ahead of honest coders.
And the worst part of this is that CodeChef doesn’t seem to care much about that
Really Mike Mirzayanov is spending all his time to get rid of all the loopholes in Codeforces making it better and better day in out and meanwhile CodeChef is focused on how they can make CodeChef a wealthy business by making everything paid.
Good to see that they don’t want us to buy PRO for giving contests also but pretty sure it will also happen soon by the pace CodeChef is including everything under pro.
Used to see Thumnails of 5 star in CodeChef in 3 month Now I know what is the reason for that (CHEATING because CodeChef ko kya hi pta chalega)


I don’t know what is wrong with codechef. I reported 4 submissions a week ago (they were exactly the same with change in variables copied from youtube) but still no actions are taken on them.
Codechef plagiarism checker is only checking for exactly same codes but no actions are taken on those fool people who changed variables in the copied code.
@admin Please look into this.