Use this for anything related to plagiarism - Reporting cheating, appeals, etc

So India has a coder faster than Gennady. You should be proud of our most respected boi @surajbishtsb81. Who doesn’t have a single WA or TLE during the entire long challenge.


@surajbishtsb81 is a 4* coder now.Great well done codechef.

He will get his punishment. Moss effect takes few weeks to show up

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suppose my rank is 1500 and his rank is 400. After he is disqualified will my rank and ratings be updated?



Why don’t these guys try to compete in IOCCC instead of wasting time on codechef :rofl::rofl:

Any progress on this? How long codechef is going to take time for punishing the cheaters?
Nice coding style, just change variable/function names, change “for” to “while” and you are safe.

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