Use this for anything related to plagiarism - Reporting cheating, appeals, etc

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Bhai bhai bhai … Iss liye fake account se bol rahe ho ?

This solution matches exactly with the solution in this video.

And whats more interesting is that this guy @arpit0891 is president of Codechef chapter of his college or so says his LinkedIn account :crazy_face:

To kya karu bro…atleast mai sudhar to gaya lekin ye log maante ni…aur sabse bade culprit wo log hai jinki knowledge DIV3 wali hai aur cheating kar k dusro ki rank girate hai…iss wajah se jo theek thaak skill wale hai wo bi cheating karne lagte hai…maine bi isi chakkr mei ki thi 4 mahine se 4 star pe tha starting mei rank acchi rehti thi fir last 2 din mei exponential graph jaisa badh jaati thi…but mujhe samjh aagaya interviews mei koi telegram ya youtube ni hoga

Bhai sab hi aisehi hai … Starting ke questions khud se karte hai n rank girne ke darr ke vajha se hard questions mai cheating karte hai

Check this account out he is faster than flash cause he copied all solutions to reach 5 stars : hrt99 | CodeChef User Profile for Hrt99 | CodeChef

For scalsum


@admin Please look these solutions they are same to same for NOV20A

See his submissions for locked safe and DENSE graph for march long 2021 div3, all are copied and same as posted on youtube channels
locked safe submission
Dense graph submission
i didn’t post the other submission that matches the above submission because most of the copied sol. are same as above.
Moreover not even variables are changed and he submitted in one attempt
By cheating he got rank 25 in Div3

His codechef profile
moreover he was bragging on linkedin

If anyone knows Hindi, the solution posted by you for Locked Safe is full of “vulgar variable names” and definitely unacceptable that people are making such a solution.

Imagine if you apply to a company for job and they see something like this on your Codechef profile. It won’t even matter if you are 6/7*, such a resume gets thrown away.

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Such type of people have vulgar minds and no respect for women community


Cheating in Cook Off also what the hell xD Is moss not working properly??2 solutions are EXACT same and the other is 90% identical still no detection???
Original solution (I guess xD)
2nd solution
3rd one
This is too much man, too much freedom and no action is taken (regularly).
Atleast EXACT solutions should be caught :man_shrugging:


The code was available on GFG before the start of the contest here - Find XOR of numbers from the range L to R. and according to the rules, using resources which were created before the contest can be used.

Also, MOSS checks are pending from the last year’s February Cook-Off on wards (Got to know about it from a mail in which I asked them about the same.).

Thank you,
Manan :wink:

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okay I see, the link you posted does have the xor function but 2 EXACT same implementations bro? seriously? see i just want atleast SAME solutions to be caught atleast, that’s all i’m saying. we all copy many things from cp-algorithms but the implementation remains unique.

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@admin @cubefreak777
I Have Noticed Some Peoples Who Are Releasing Their April Long Challenges Answers

So Lets Stop Those Peoples…
Those Are Destroying CodeChef

One More Report

One 3 Star Coder @kausachan kausachan Is Also Reporting: Codechef long challenges

Please don’t make more people aware of the fact that solutions are available online. In case you’re very eager to report Mail it on

Ok Thanks But Why You Unlisted This?? @cubefreak777


Because more people will get to know about these sources you mentioned if it’s on the forum

ok If I remove the sources will you list my topic @cubefreak777