Use this for anything related to plagiarism - Reporting cheating, appeals, etc

yes first submission is by Profile - discopose12 - CodeChef Discuss. His account has been banned for leaking solutions. you can click on the link and check yourself

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challenge accepted. codeforces div3 tonight.

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Hello everyone!!

I’m not new to CP neither I am too old in it. Recently on YouTube I saw so many people who uploaded answers and that’s the worst part for those who want to learn they directly get the answers then where does the learning goes? How much ever we can say that we understand the answer and then retry but that doesn’t works until you have exhausted everything.

To all those who upload answers on YouTube before a competition ends come-on guys you can’t ruin the learning of any person by doing that learn something from other channels like Programmers Zone
and many more who record the video but they premiere it after the contest.

Instead of blaming lets take the responsibility and stop this please this is a request. You can get 5 stars but believe me even big companies won’t let you in without testing your skills so don’t rush and keep patience you’ll reach that someday.

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I believe this topic is oversaturated now. Before and after every long challenge someone says the same thing you said. Probably when the MOSS will catch plag by say 2023-2024 of 2020 contests most of the people will have left Codechef. Actually blame those youtubers who say CP is gateway to FAANG etc are the rootcause of this problem.


@goodboybts here you go : -

add all from this list - K Path Query Submissions | CodeChef


Isiliye Java ke website mai likha hai ke 3 million poeple use Java. Java people ki baat hi alag hai 1 hours mai 400-500 submissions



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what a confidence , lol


targer_5star If I were a specialist, last thing I’d do would be bragging about it. Many masters don’t feel confident in their skills, let alone experts/specialists. The only more confronting thing could be talking about securing rank 1 in a 30 people piece of cake competition. You’re violating the rules if you share your code or use the shared code, so it doesn’t matter whether you cheated or not, I won’t be getting into that, though there’s a lot of evidence against you. Don’t try playing a victim here, you’re just ruining your own reputation and becoming less trustworthy. That’d be my 2 cents.


Plagiarised solutions from July Lunchtime 2021.


target_5star roasted by Div1 - 5 star XD

Everybody knows the LONG challenge has become the hub to cheat and earn ranks but recently the Cook-off’s aren’t also safe. After many wrong submission, I was able to solve few questions in COOKOFF july but after the contest ended I came across a youtube channel which was sharing the codes of the current COOKOFF questions(within the contest timings). Please we 3 star or above rated coders get only 2 contests in a month to have a chance to increase our ratings, don’t sabotage that too.
Please report the youtube channel Youtube Channel Link. There are many more such youtube channels which I can never search up to but please don’t make the cook-off unrated too.
This is a request to all those code sharer’s and video makers, please don’t destroy the decorum of these contests and force others to leave Codechef.


Hope this will help: Invitation to CodeChef July CookOff 2021 (with prizes!) - Codeforces

Hey Guys ! Today I came across two profiles of Div 3 and I think ( I again say I only think, not sure abt it ) , they are cheating in Aug Long Challenge 2021. Means one user riyaa_03 has started today and solved 9 questions in one go. All their submissions are within time range of 1 hour or even lesser. How anyone can do that I am just surprised.
Another one is india_no_1 . His also 1st contest but has solved all 9 questions.
This cheating shit is becoming terrible. Codechef needs to take care of this thing otherwise the honest persons in CP would surely leave Codechef.
@admin please see to it.


Post by @amitkarmakar13

@admin please take a note of this. Have gone through their solutions personally and they exactly similar. Very demotivating.


It seems there was massive plagiarism in August Long 2021 Contest.
It is very easy to spot plagiarism in the solutions of the following users. (See solutions for GEO1, FATHUT, CHARGE, CDIGLNUM). And these are like the top 20 ranking users in the contest.

Cheating spoils the fun for everybody else. As we see the top 20 ranking solutions are plagiarised, this seems to be a major problem.

I understand it’s a difficult problem to solve(the plagiarism) but I hope codechef does something to remedy this post contest.

  1. yoim_abd | CodeChef User Profile for ABDUL AHAD | CodeChef

  2. kanrar | CodeChef User Profile for Snahashis Kanrar | CodeChef

  3. ajch07 | CodeChef User Profile for ANUBHAV CHOUDHARY | CodeChef

  4. fer403 | CodeChef User Profile for Md Ferhan Khan | CodeChef

  5. shivu2140 | CodeChef User Profile for Shivam Shekhar | CodeChef

  6. puja_kumari12 | CodeChef User Profile for Puja Kumari | CodeChef

  7. sks0109 | CodeChef User Profile for shivam kumar singh | CodeChef

  8. sambit_26 | CodeChef User Profile for Sambit Rout | CodeChef

  9. akashpanwarrrr | CodeChef User Profile for mr Unknown mr | CodeChef

  10. ratneshpawar | CodeChef User Profile for Ratnesh Pawar | CodeChef

  11. sakshisingh26 | CodeChef User Profile for Sakshi kumari | CodeChef

  12. iamsrs003 | CodeChef User Profile for SAURADEEP SIKDAR | CodeChef

  13. kirtigaurav | CodeChef User Profile for Kirti Gaurav Mishra | CodeChef

  14. sumit634 | CodeChef User Profile for Sumit Yadav uiUPmHiZUn | CodeChef

  15. riyaa_03 | CodeChef User Profile for RIYA SINGH | CodeChef

  16. india_no_1 | CodeChef User Profile for POWE | CodeChef

  17. sakshi1926 | CodeChef User Profile for Sakshi singh | CodeChef

  18. imabhi8068 | CodeChef User Profile for Abhishek Singh Soni | CodeChef

  19. thepaul | CodeChef User Profile for Indar Paul | CodeChef

  20. shubhobroto_20 | CodeChef User Profile for Shubhobroto Mukherjee | CodeChef

  21. vishnu012 | CodeChef User Profile for Vishnu Gupta | CodeChef

  22. venkatttwenty | CodeChef User Profile for Venkat Narayan | CodeChef
    GEO1 Solution: 49787679 | CodeChef solutions very similar to other solutions


@amitkarmakar13 :
Exactly. No point of making a contest if such malpractices are used to get top rank and not get punished.
@admin please take note and do something to curb such plagiarism.
Plagiarism check must be done especially for long challenges like this.


It’s saddening!
Plagiarism should be stopped.

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The Source of the plagiarised codes seem to be from this user, simplecoder_07 | CodeChef User Profile for Simple | CodeChef