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Can my polls be added to your polls? So it would be combined :slight_smile:
I already have 31 voters which is significant so I can’t delete :frowning:
And I hope,polls from both the posts should be added up!


No need to merge the 2 polls in my opinion.


@vijju123 So how will the evaluation be done?
My poll has 55+ voters as of now.


Another Suggestion is that have a default country and institution for filtering the rank-list in any contest. This should of course default to your own country/college. Its tedious to enter the same name every contest, every time I want to check my rank relative to others in my college.


Have added your suggestion. Also, @admin @vijju123, please notify me if any of the suggestions have been implemented or rejected, so that I can update this post accordingly.


It’s available on mobile too now :slight_smile:


Also, what I feel is that reporting users for either posting spam or other issues would be a helpful thing.
For example, look at this recent post: Complete BS
So reporting such users would be helpful!
And if it increases the moderators’ load, which I am sure will, we can work out on a community guided feedback system (something like Google Maps uses to verify facts?)


There already is a flag button. Click on the 3 horizontal dots beside the Like button of the post. Then click flag and select why you are flagging it. Simple!


Also is it possible to participate as unrated in contest.

Eg : I am late and the contest has already begin. I could solve questions but I know if I solve and get AC and couldn’t solve second. I would be somewhere down in the list. So can there be an option before submitting 1 st submission in the contest.

And yea Virtual participation [if we have VP then no need of the above stuff :slight_smile: ] as always.


I know about the flag button, but the action isn’t that fast. I mean no doubt the mods are working at their best, but if there was a community based action, then it would be better, according to what I think.


Won’t make any comments on this. Will leave it to the admins to decide


You’d still need good numbers from community - which is difficult to ensure and very variable as of now. A better solution would be to get more moderators from preferably different time zones. But I stand by view that if your flag is getting reviewed within a few hours to 1 business day then it is a good speed.


Can we finally have C++17 support on CodeChef now? It’s 2019 already. Consider adding this point, @infinitepro.


It would be helpful, but making a poll for it would lead to lots of disapproval since non-C++ coders wouldn’t find it helpful.


It would be good if CodeChef site is made responsive for small screens. :slight_smile:


Are you referring to this the discuss forum? If yes, it already supports small screens. If you’re talking about the main site, I think we will have to wait till Chef’s next birthday :stuck_out_tongue: (Or maybe sooner).
To be very honest, though this would be appreciated by all, this won’t come under suggestion of ideas as this would mean remaking the entire site and is something that would require more than votes and mere requests to get implemented!


It would be great to have an Unofficial Ranklist of Div1 and Div2 participants combined to check our overall stand, especially in the Long Challenges where we have enough time to attempt all the questions.


Div1 members could easily solve the first 4 questions of Div2, while members of Div2 might not be capable enough to solve questions of Div1 (Or atleast the non-common Div1 questions). So this list wouldn’t make sense as Div1 members would be placed above Div2 and would make them feel discouraged.


Its my view that this would not affect an average participant as there are already thousands of participants above him/her and some more would not affect much.
Rather it would boost up Div2 toppers since they would be doing better than many of the Div1 participants.


You are right in your argument but you need to note another important thing. Even a beginner could solve the first 2 or 3 questions in Div2 but not every member who was just promoted to Div1 could solve the similar amount of questions in Div1. So some Div1 participants might feel discouraged and might resort to going back to Div2 to increase their overall rankings. Though I feel a ranklist could be made on the basis of the 4 common questions + the challenge question.