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I think you have mistaken my view…
I mentioned that we have enough time to attempt all the questions i.e. ques of div1 and div2 combined . So the Div1 or Div2 exclusive ques here won’t be treated as practice questions but would make a count.
Also I meant it to be Unofficial i.e. it won’t affect our rating.
It would allow to filter all the participants of any institute on a single list. Also many of the institutes have comparatively less participants in Div1 so this would not make them feel lonely :wink:


I got your point. But what I’m trying to say is that div1 participants won’t want to waste their time on questions of div2 as they are lower than the expected problem solving capacity of div1 members. So this won’t help much as div1 members will continue trying to solve more div1 questions from the long contest. And if they finish all questions and still have time left, I seriously doubt div2 level is meant for them. They’re better off trying some harder questions from the practice section than try solve div2 questions.


Add dismiss option on the post topics. That way I don’t need to open the post to dismiss it. Some posts I don’t wish to see e.g. related to language i don’t code in, or for contests I was not a part of etc.


@admin Would the copy-to-clipboard feature be implemented in the near future? I’m missing this feature from codeforces…