Well played, Unacademy

On 20th September, I had given the September Cook-Off (div 1) and secured the top position in my college, Delhi Technological University. I was pretty happy with my performance, and as a bonus I would be getting a free 1 month subscription for Unacademy. I had filled the application
form beforehand and confirmed my name in the list given at: http://bit.ly/cook112

However, 2 days later I had still not received any mail, or in fact any communication related to the matter so I decided to investigate on Codechef discuss. On the forum I found a relevant post so I left a comment highlighting my own issue: Unacademy free subscription - #71 by lolboyyyy

Again, no response. I noticed that most people were complaining about their names not being on the list and a lot of people saying that they had received the mail, so I decided to write a mail to Codechef feedback. I highlighted this issue and reconfirmed my email ID as well as provided some alternate emails (maybe I had entered an incorrect email in the form).

After 3 more days of complete silence, I got a response from Codechef feedback and it was the most unhelpful mail I had ever received in my entire life, which I am pasting below.

"Hi Gunagya,

Did you check your spam folder? Also, we are really sorry but we won’t be able to help you now since we have stopped giving free subscriptions. Please do not feel disheartened, there will be many more opportunities as such in the future.

Team CodeChef

Feedback: Missing Unacademy Subscription after September Cook-Off 2020-09-23"

Of course, I had checked my spam folder multiple times prior to this. I got no confirmation whether my email was correct, no information why I did not receive any communication, instead I got a mail basically saying “Oops sorry, you can’t get the subscription anymore”.

What a brilliant strategy right? Too many candidates for the subscription? Just don’t send a mail to some of them! What a modern solution! Thanks Codechef, for making me miss out on an opportunity through no fault of my own (or maybe it was, I don’t know, you never told me :slight_smile: ). I saw so many people complaining about people wrongly changing their University last moment just to avail the scholarship, due to which their name was not on the list. Don’t worry guys, even if you had made it to the list it wouldn’t have done jack! They will just choose not to send you a mail.

Personally, I couldn’t care less about the free subscription, in fact it probably will be more useful in the hands of a user who has a lot to learn. But I hate dishonesty, I hate cheating, and I hate being deceived. Is this how you reward your top performers? Is spreading false information your marketing strategy? I was played pretty hard, so all I can say is, gg Unacademy.


What the hell is this line, They told then they should give.


man in either way these subscription would be waste of time, much better material are available on web


yes but i think @enem lectures are actually good and fun to watch !

But yes, for someone with skills like @lolboyyyy. It wont be very userful



No surprise. @Unacademy has the record of doing such frauds, both with the tutor and the user.


i don’t think you are the target audience for this offer maybe thats why you don’t get mail but anyway this is not good way to treat this situation by Codechef.

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Indian Educational startups are scam, I don’t doubt that. They think that all this JEE hype can be created in programming also and they can also earn like their teachers in Kota. Shame on these guys if they can’t give anything to country then atleast don’t loot it.


GG Unacademy!

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Hey @lolboyyyy, we have investigated this and you did not receive the email from us because you have unsubscribed yourself from our email lists and our system does not send email to the unsubscribers.

If you want to receive such emails in the future then subscribe to our mailing lists.

Hey @tojochacko if he had unsubscribed himself them how did he got the feedback mail.

@tojochacko Sir actually codechef also haven’t followed one protocol made by admin.

Actually admin told us that div 1 participants will be considered above div2 even if they make wrong submission.

But in list codechef haven’t considered this.

I was out of station so i was not in condition of giving contest but made this wrong submission so i will get subscription.

CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

So can you please ask codechef to give me subscription or restore my rating.

I had also wrote mail regarding the same issue but haven’t got any reply.

Thankyou Sir

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Same problem, 3 days didn’t watch a single video. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

These are experts I respect that but no one can get inside your head, you gotta do the real hard work…Feel nahi aati video dekhne se, aur bhi aache resources pade hain onilne.

Ye sab bas ek business move tha without any research they thought just investing money into some bla bla bla will actually make us understand.


As much as I appreciate your response, I do not think that is correct or even if it is I do not think it is relevant. I have since received an email update for Lunchtime (26th), as well as promotional mails on Sept 22nd and Sept 24th from Codechef. I went and double checked to ensure that I was subscribed to the mailing list. Even if I wasn’t subscribed it is irrelevant to consider mailing preferences when I had already filled an email ID in the application form.


if you got the subscription and are not using it can you pass the credentials to me it might help me !

Sure but how, can I trust you??

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Telegram ID?

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well i recently started practicing cp regularly and I really started to love it . If possible and you might wanna help you can text me directly at NiM0 in codeforces or NiM0 in telegram or you can mail me at nishanth.molleti9@gmail.com . If you really wish to help I will be so thankful . hoping you would

you can trust me on it . Because its a matter of my honour