What is an Editorial and where is it found?

It’s been few days since i joined codechef, Just wanted to know what an editorial is and where is it found, I’ve read people contributing too. Can any experienced person give a breif idea of this page, like a small tour. Thanks !

Edit : What is karma , rep points , laddu , acceptance rate ?

I know the laddu thing has been stopped but just wanted to know what it was.

Also, what actions increase one’s rating as high rating will allow me to skip beginner level on ccdsap certification.

okay! so you are here to solve some problems (this one PROB) but you not able to solve it.

So, you come back to this forum and search for the solution of the above problem (this one SOL).

So this page is called the EDITORIAL

Editorial is basically the ideal approach to solve the problem, as per problem setter/tester or editorialist. (Note that there may be other approaches to solve the problem.

Well, Suppose you are looking for editorial of problem ABC, Open link discuss.codechef.com/problems/ABC.
If the official editorial has been posted, it will open.

Else you can use discuss search feature. Just type problem name/problem code, You’ll see all discussions, question and editorials regarding that problem.

PS:It is not necessary that each and every problem has editorial available.

You can use codechef ide to debug your code, make submissions to contest and well as for practice.

There are three monthly contest, One long challenge of 10 days (going one now), One 2.5 hour Cook off (Second last Sunday of every month in ACM-ICPC format) and 3 hour Lunchtime (Last saturday of every month in IOI format).

You would like to practice problems at https://www.codechef.com/problems/school or easy section.

Be sure to read Code of Conduct


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So editorial is basically a solution to a problem, right? and anybody can contribute to it

Thanks @taran_1407 got it !!