What is the benefit of competing in contest? Am I good enough to compete ? I have fear of competition

What is the benefit of competing in contest?
I have not competed yet.
I am afraid of competition.


I am just here for some good motivational replies :innocent:


you are RANK 1 good keep growing :grinning: :v:

No bro It’s 1* , I am at lowest level . :rofl:

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That’s why i wrote Keep Growing ! :v:
At least you have taken the steps.

What are you afraid of? You’ll learn from every contest you do.


afraid of competition .

Well… yes, but why? Is it rating?

can you tell me how to do medium level questions ?
iam stuck at this point.

most of the time i fell that i am not good for competing .

What are you stuck on? CodeChef seems to have mostly conceptual problems without much thinking. So if you learn all of the concepts, especially for problems you can’t solve (from the editorial), then you’ll know all that you need to attack medium problems.


I solve problem slowly 1 problem in 1hr 30 min but i think competition is for fast people

Speed will come naturally as you practice trying to solve problems fast (or do competitions). And if you’re good enough to solve even a single problem, you’re good enough to compete.

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from where do you have mastered your own skills.

thanks a lot for your help. I will start competing soon.

First USACO, then Codeforces. I haven’t done too much practice on this site, apart from contests. But if you want to practice for CodeChef, you should practice on CodeChef.

like iam asking for resources and platforms all

Websites like cp-algorithms.com are also nice.

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thanks a lot !

You seem to be very interested in coding as I just saw that you have completed many problems in practice. You need to increase the level of difficulty of the problems you solve.
PRACTISE IS THE KEY.Many problems in practice are from previous contests. check out the previous contest questions and try to solve the first few questions. I see that you prefer c, read let us c by Yashwant Kanetkar which is a great book for complete beginners. Try to identify a few friends at the same level and compete with them in long challenges. You will have a lot of time for each question. In the beginning, you may not get more than 1 or 2 but in a few months you will feel like these questions are very simple and after contest try to read editorials of the problems you tried and 2 more and write the code yourself. this is very important .In my first long challenge, I didn’t understand any of the problems and left CodeChef for a few months but later on, I felt I needed to give it a second chance. A decision that made me learn many things. A time factor and a fact that you can’t get the answer anywhere makes you think a lot which is essential to develop logical skills. Everyone started at the same level keep coding and see you in may long challenge. :grinning: