What is the role of SES at infosys?

I got offer from infy for the post of SES. Can somebody guide me regarding the same please. Also advices are most welcome regarding taking up the job or not.

What you currently? R u a student?

Yes he is a student of 3rd year.

But bro clg tag matters most of the times … Harsh truth


haa yes college matters bro …
i know the situation of small colleges
in my clg also 5LPA is a very big amount (only 5-10 students get such packages)
what i wanted to tell was
there is still time(it is just 2nd month of 4th yr)
so u can try and get a better one (which u deserve)
sorry if i hurt any of ur feelings


This is absolutely rubbish, don’t comment on which you don’t know anything about. I’ve learnt from my seniors that :

  1. SES & Power Programmers are trained on
  • MERN / MEAN stack
  • Java Springboot Angular Microservices
  • Big data

Either of the three.

  1. How is it different from SE?
  • Chances of getting benched will be very low & we won’t be given testing or support based projects.
  • Hierarchy :- For normal SE, hierarchy is SE -> Senior SE -> Tech. Lead -> Analyst…So on and so forth.
    For SES, it’s SES -> PP -> Enterprise Architect.
  1. Projects :- SES would only get certain high priority and high budget projects, i e., projects above 30$ per hour.

So please don’t insult IT services companies just because product based companies pay you well or give more perks. Every job is equally important. Without IT services, there won’t be any product provider for other organizations. Almost every website/app you see of any organization is made by some IT services company. Infosys is a great place to start your career and you can always move to any product based company by gathering experience/up-skilling.

Also, what do you mean by waha ache log nehi hote? Who are you to judge people? Infosys also has tumhare hisaab se ache IITians and IIMians. Just because they are mass recruiters doesn’t mean they don’t have excellent engineers. Also, college tag is useless in judging an engineer. Get out in the real world and then attempt to comment such stupid thoughts.


bro first of all keep calm , 2nd one u don’t know what the actual reality is , bcz u didn’t face these things so keep your words with u, third yes i agree ashok said wrong " waha acche log nhi hote" but he just wanna tell u that as a 4 star or good cp programmer we have more chances in different packages in different companies , u gave goldman xam , u gave hsbc xam, u gave codewizards, u gave AWS challenge nhi na , then u don’t know why college tag important , yes i agree on that " talent ho to aadmi kahi bhi pahoch skte ho " but plz u tell me why starting package of infosys in IIT’s is 9 lakh and in tier 3 clg it is just 3 lakhs.


Are u serious man???

Aiming for a job at a product based company with good package does not mean you have right to insult IT services company. And also I was not replying to your opinion that college tag is important for getting better opportunities which I agree, but I meant that you cannot judge a student by college tag, which in turn supports your opinion even! Try to understand what I meant to say first. My only objection was how he depicted Infosys or any IT services company to a fresher. Don’t assume I know nothing because even I gave the exams you mentioned and know the current job scenario.


sorry brother

are you working in infosys…??

Please don’t apologize! It is a public forum and we all learn from each other here!

Nope I’m in my final year and I have also received an offer from Infosys for SES, so did a bit of research with help from my seniors who are in Infosys working as SES or PP.

When was your interview?

26th August at Kolkata.

I am 4 star ( not almost.)
I do agree with you. Most of the service based company does the same for initial years of joining as far as feedback from seniors is concerned. Although, I don’t know about Infosys.
I also got SES package from Infosys.
I do understand your point. But consider @riju321 (and me) studies in a remote, unknown college, where no product based compies come for drive… What more options do we have?
Regarding off-campus drive, (almost) every job requires experience. :slightly_smiling_face:


Was their any hr interview after technical as in my case they asked us to wait after tr and about 3 hr later they told all of us to go home and that we will get our result through mail because they weren’t able to process instantly due to large number of candidates.

no hr for ses …only one round
hope it goes well for u

are you sure that the reviews are not baised? and your research is accurate?

The reviews are not biased because:

  1. The seniors did not personally know me before I contacted them through LinkedIn.
  2. The seniors are from various streams, not just CS or IT.
  3. They are also good coders in our Tier-2 college and also have many AI projects and were expecting higher salary jobs in Data Science positions, so they have no motive in lying about Infosys.