What is the role of SES at infosys?

So you only interact from seniors of your college who still working in infosys??

Yes, after waiting for 2-3 hours, they called 5-6 people at once. And checked name and told “you are selected”, " you are not selected." and things like name of college if selected. No other questions.

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I was there same at your venue on 26th.

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R u a student or a job holder?

Student, why did u ask??

U don’t know bro correctly first give some very good hiring xam and instead of getting very good rank u will not selected, that’s why many times ( I didn’t say always) college tag matters,
And u r still not able to give my answer why these companies gave 10 lakh package in iits nits and iiits , bits and not in your or in my college.

Did u appear for sapient hiring xam ??

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Seems like it is very hard to get a job in India by looking at all these comments since last few weeks on Codechef​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Yes Karan actually not so hard , but yaa it’s tough.

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So true bro , Same here also.

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sell iphones at low price and people will start complaining abt it
you guys do understand that there are people working on documentation, testing, support in product based companies too.
I agree that the number of people engaged in support in service based companies is higher and chances of getting good proj slightly depends on luck
Why not join a startup then
you will learn more than in any product based company(no sarcasm) if u cant get google but still aspires to learn then join a startup
obvio career will be bit unstable but ur urge of being a good programmer will be satisfied

Yep i have read interview exp. they were telling the result instantly but i don’t know what happened in noida region as they also called infytq people and weren’t able to handle the crowd.

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From Where did you get this information. recently I got selected for SES role in Infosys, Should I take it or not?

It’s written I got this information from my seniors at Infosys. Also written great place to start your career if you don’t have a better offer at the end of your fourth year, then you can move to other companies of your choice or choose to stay. Infosys has good training programs and since last year it is giving the training during 8th semester. I also know of many people who have left after the training to join at startups after passing out. So it completely depends on you. Overall SES/PP is better than most entry level jobs for freshers at IT services companies.

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Thank you for replying, I had my interview in Aug 24, and I am in 7th semester so when can I expect my offer letter or joining for training.

Offer letter will come after their mass recruitment for SE on campus is over, usually by October you will get it. And training will start from February 2020, if they offer winter internship this year as well.

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i personally know many of them personally from my college shittest mind of country …infosys employee . we cant even stand with them .

after a point some left and go for cat os us for ms … and majority of them just change company from service based company to service baseed , some opt for government job

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Why u delete I can’t even read…esa Kya likh diya ki delete krna pad gya🙄

did you get a confirmation mail? In my case they said we will contact the TPP cell of your college.
And when would we get the offer letter…

Can you tell me the approx conversion rate for SES people (no of students appearing for training / no of students pass the training). I want to know the difficulty level of the training. Thanks in advance.

Anybody here got any confirmation mail form Infosys about SES Role ?? I had my interview on 26th August at BP Poddar College , Kolkata.