What is TLE (0.0 sec)?

I am getting TLE (0.0secs) and beside the task it shows -1.0000 .
I am unable to understand the meaning of this.
The problem is an interactive problem.


Could you share the problem link?

It means idle time limit exceeded. Try to use scanf and printf for input output and flush after every output. This thread might help you- What is (TLE (-1.000000)?


It’s GUESSG from June long that’s going on right now.


Solved the problem using endl before scanning input from the judge.

TLE means Time Limit Exceeded like your code is NOT OPTIMIZED
If code takes longer to run each testcase than desired, you get 0 pts and TLE

I am talking about a different kind of TLE, i.e. idle time limit exceeded.

similarly, what does WA(-1.000000) mean?

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oh ok