What to do in case of no reply on post or the answer given is not satisfactory

I have 2 - 3 questions which were either not answered by anyone or the replies were given not satisfactory. This could be the case of other users who have genuine questions. Now what should be done next to make sure it is being answered? Whom to contact? I think re-posting the question would be helpful but it took lot of effort to write and format the original one. Please help. I have some questions which I am unable to solve. See this for example Overlapping Path Hackerearth
Earthquake In Africa Approach
@admin @vijju123

The best thing to do is bump the question back to front page if co replies come even after a certain time. Also, its very important to give links to the problems as it helps in verifying that the question is not from an ongoing contest - people tend to not reply if link or source is not mentioned.

Lastly, tagging should help provided you do not annoy the other person.

Ha ha. I am sorry. I do not remember any other name of the moderator except you. I have provided the link as well. And they are not and not were the problems of ongoing contest when posted.
How do I bump the question back to front page. It can be either replying anything onto it or re-posting it as I know.

Replying to it, editing it etc. You can tag a few community members who feel can help you as well. Just make sure not to abuse the tagging feature though :stuck_out_tongue: