When is the individual rating of codechef is going to change?

i haven’t done any question in september long challenge and lunch time so my rating decreased . i have done quiet few questions in october long challege so i wan’t to know when is the rating going to be updated?

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It may be updated by today night

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it always update during night?

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No, previously CC was taking almost 2 days to calculate contest rating, but now short challenge’s rating gets updated within 5-6 hrs which happen mostly in night. But for long challenge usually rating get updated before night.

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oh lets see when its going to updated

be patient, ratings will be updated eventually.
try this CC rating predictor post
^it’s down atm because the Codechef API is not working properly.

yep the prediction app is also under maintainace

i lost 12 rating points , i don’t know how i literally did 15 questions correctly fromseptember lunchtime to till now . do rating also depends upon no of run time errors and wrong answers?

No,your position was very low in October challenge. so you lost 12 points.

my position was 14132 which was far better as compared to what was in spetember long challenege 110000+

You lose or gain rating at the end of the contest (well - a few hours after), and the amount you lose or gain depends on your performance (more specifically, your place in the Ranklist) for that Contest only.


is there a particular margin or position already set which one should clear in order to get +ratings?

You can find out more about the Rating system here. The Ratings Predictor, if it comes back online, is also interesting to explore in when a Contest is ongoing. I think the “Seed” in the Ratings Predictor is related to the position in the Ranklist you need to maintain your current rating, though I don’t know for sure - @dushsingh1995 should able to advise :slight_smile:


it is under maintainace (rating predictor). congo now you are 5 star coder.
one tip i want you to give me for improving my rating

My long challenge rating is 1625 but overall is 1599 :expressionless:
What i can do to become three star? Which rating is holding me more back , can somebody tell? the cookoff or lunchtime?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The only tips I can give are:

  1. Study Practice Study Practice - in particular, read the Editorials for questions you can’t solve after a Contest. Do questions from the Practice section (starting with School/ Beginner) and start picking harder ones once they seem too easy. Within a difficulty rating, you can sort by “Accuracy” to guess which ones are harder: https://www.codechef.com/problems/easy/?sort_by=Accuracy&sorting_order=asc

  2. For long Contests and Practice (but not Short contests), I always recommend writing a brute-force implementation and a random testcase generator. On the four problems that I got 100pts for this Contest, I got 100pts on the first submission due to the extensive offline testing I did beforehand:

[~/devel/hackerrank/contests/codechef-october-2019a]>du -hs *testsuite.txt
4.1M    array-modification-testsuite.txt
46M     bacterial-reproduction-testsuite.txt
33M     chief-and-maximum-star-value-testsuite.txt
13M     even-edges-testsuite.txt

finnaly hardwork paid off i am 2star now got +60 rating today


Congratulations - good work! :slight_smile:


Ouch! Exun hit me hard XD! I’m so slow. :sob:


A temporary setback, I’m sure - plenty of opportunities to make it back up :slight_smile:

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