When will the TCS Codevita Interview results be released?

My interview was on 15th September. when we can expect the results?


Mine was on 17th, but I don’t really know how much time will they take. They may take around 1 month (Please correct me, if I am wrong). Also, I am not sure whether they will inform TPO or the candidate.

last year they declared within 10 days

How did you get the interview calls?
After the pre-qualifier round results there has not been any notification from there side. (Atleast in my case)


They send you a mail if you haven’t yet filled the nextstep portal application ,once you submit it ,they will batch you on the basis of your rank and location. They sent the interview link a day before the interview in my case

Only 4th yearites receive interview mails.

Interviewers said that the results will be declared after 1 week.


are you sure??

did you ask them?

1 week from what reference of time?

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Yeah, I gave my interview yesterday and they said they will mail me the results within 1 week.

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Anyone knows how are they selecting students for digital role? I mean most of the experiences I have read just mention one interview, but till last year they used to forward the candidates to another interview round for digital role but what about this year?

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so mine was on 15th i can expect my result on 22 ?

Interviews are scheduled until 25th of this month (September 2020) for various regions, so expect them to be out by the end of the month. Also nqt(digital) for premium colleges is going to be happened on 3&4th of october 2020, so I guess they will be out before nqt.


Okay! When was your interview?

but last year they declared codevita and nqt results at the time.

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Anyone from techno india group colleges got a call for interview after 14th september?

What about pre-final year students? Are they provide internships to pre-final year students on the basis of codevita rank?

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You asked them at time of interview ?

Last Year my Interview was on 1st August and I got my offer on 7th August.
Maybe this year they’ll take a few days more to declare…

FUN FACT: Its been a year I got my offer and I still haven’t got my TCS joining later.