Why are these solutions of different users from the April Long Fault question same ?

I was quite wondered how 16 people of the same institution could think of the same solution which was good enough for a 14th position . Admins night want to have a look at this .
















As there was already a discussion here

Many users use some famous online IDEs to write code and unfortunately the codes there are public so that others can copy. Now the reasons for codes to be similar are:

  1. copied from such an IDE
  2. some users here use multiple handles, from one they try and test and from other they just submit the final AC solution. I have made a list of few such users and will report it to get the duplicate handles banned permanently.
  3. some users read the idea from similar sources so maybe they copied an idea but the code will be similar(might not be exactly the same)


4). another possibility sometimes is that the guys belong to same school/insitution so they discuss the problem together and then submit with their handles. (you have mentioned this in your question)





U see this is the “Fault” of Long challenges… it gives room to discussion of solutions among peers.
I am not opposing Long challenges in any way… I owe a lot to them but these things happens all the time.


and many handles has submitted 4+ problems at the very end of the contest.
But why should we worry about them isn’t this is their loss only…


some users have also cheated chefgame and submitted their codes successfully ,please match the codes of chefgame by some smart matching pattern and cancel the submission of those people whose codes get same,this is also noticed in cylinders
please undo this mistake otherwise my trust on codechef would lift up




i think you should look at these solutions also.

i think this guy has cheated so please check the people who have same code

I think we should not worry too much about cheaters.
although we must do our best what we can to avoid cheating.

Good coders never cheat.
you cannot come in top 10 by cheating in anyways.
Codechef here provides us a platform to learn
its upto you, how you use this platform.


Yes I do agree to what all has been said above. But we as other coders should not be too much bothered about it The main purpose and motive of CodeChef long challenges is to help people learn something new. That is why i feel there is no count of WA/TLE since everyone learns from his/her mistakes. So the persons doing malpractices are doing at their own loss. If they had coded the code themselves they MUST have learned atleast some small thing. Even debugging your own code teaches something. And what will they achieve by getting a good rank, what matters in the end is to learn
Something and enhance our knowledge. So let us all concentrate on improving ourselves rather than digging up with solutions of other people. Have faith in admins Surely they will do what is needful and which hepls this CodeChef platform.

PS Even i am against cheating but i guess we have other more important things to do, because this isn’t helping anyone here. So lets keep faith on admin and keep CODING and improving ourselves



i think codechef must give partial points Question in next long challenge like to detect cheated solutions.More exact matching,more would be the scored points.

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It would be a great motivation for them if what they did was punished in some way.

Also, those IDE allow private posting, so disqualifying all of them post contest just seems a good idea.


Seems like option 1 and 3 are a possibility but when you will have a look at their solutions for cylinder , you will rule it out. Also the 3rd option is ruled out since the variables are declared alike .

for 3rd possibility, some times at stackoverflow they post an idea implemented in their form so users might just copy that part and extend it. Thats why I added that code might not be exactly same but similar.

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@nirajs u can’t say anything about this as i know many users initially they play with their second handle, and at the very last day they use their regular profile…

@ab123 yes this might be the case

I’m curious as to the use of this. It’s not like WA’s or TLE’s have a bearing on their rating or ranking of whatever(AFAIK). What’s the use in doing this?

@ethreal it all about prestige…some think that if they r trying some problem and getting WA or TLE then their prestige hurt if it has been seen by some of their friend…:smiley:

@ab1234 and @ethreal >> or maybe they wanted a greater success rate in the other profile. To minimize the difference between Successful Submissions and Total Submissions :smiley:

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@ab1234 In a long contest all that matters that you learn how to solve a new problem ,implement a new data structure or learn something new. The number of WA’s you get neither results in any penalty and I don’t know anyone personally who makes fun of someone if he/she is getting a WA or TLE.