Why aren't there Editorials for every question by default?

I am kinda new to CodeChef and noticed that editorials for many of the questions are not present, especially the ones for external contests. Why is this the case?

I feel it would be really nice if the authors gave an editorial for the question by default.

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For external contests, editorials depend completely on organizers.

For codechef’s contest, all editorials are present at discuss except those which are to be written/completed. Its possible that they arent linked to the problem yet, you can report the issue by mailing @admin at help@codechef.com . Even then, you can find editorial by using search feature at the forums.


for the external contest, the editorial should be mandatory like codeforces.

They are categorized unrated mostly for that reason - because the team says they cannot frame editorials. Next most common reason is, ofc, poor problems.

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Yeah exactly. Codeforces seems very organized. There are editorials for most of the problems. It’s very helpful to be honest, especially for people who are new to competitive programming like myself. Even if we do end up solving the problem, editorials can help to understand how to optimize the solution.

Well hopefully in the future we have editorials for most of the problems.

I disagree slightly here. I feel just by checking external contest status you’re concluding that codechef is lacking here, which is not reasonable. You should judge it by its monthly contest parameters.

Are there going to be editorials for yesterday’s cook-off. Its already been like 12 hrs and I can’t see any editorials. Its so disappointing and demotivating. There is no point in solving problems if you can’t see the solutions


I have been part of panel for cookoff and on basis of that I can comment a bit here.

Its really tough for editorialist to get editorials ready on time, because at times problems are ready/finalized just hours before contest. In my time, on of the questions was finalized just ~1-2 hours before contest and there was nothing available except setters code to write editorial from.

Keeping a deadline hence, adds a high amount of stress to the job. So editorials for all 6 problem may not be ready immediately, but I support that at least the ready ones should be immediately moved to discuss.

@vijju123 What about those editorials to which @admin never links the solutions of the tester, setter and editorialist? Often, after solving a problem, I like looking at the codes of these people to see the intended solution and other ways of solving the same problem, or to learn something new. So it’s very frustrating to see “Access Denied” on their codes. Also, not linking the solutions is an insult to the people who took out their time to write the code in a manner that others can understand.

For Access denied, its mostly because of discuss bugs. They link it, but it still shows access denied which means they must redo it :/. Please give such links to them, they will fix that.

Should I mail the links to bugs@codechef.com?

And are you sure they’re going to fix discuss bugs after ICPC? I mean, did they say this, or are you assuming it?