Why codechef is overrating people

in yesterdays div2 contest…
problem 2 and 3 are not that tough,
2 was simple prefix sums and 3 was easy bits and had 50+ accuracy in div1…

but many people who were blue did not solve them…so what value does blue have??.
ironically their ratings raised even if they are not able to solve simple problems

so what is the use when we give easy ratings even if they dont perform well??

if we start making better contests where people dont earn 100+ just by typing 3 minutes…may be our coders might practice more and learn more


That’s why we have codeforces . Codechef is a great platform where we can use it for motivation or we can put it in resume while we can use codeforces for learning new things :slight_smile:


so codechef is for bragging :grinning: ?
maybe …
it could also be a teaching site…if the problems are set properly and
with strict rating system

I think in div2 you can easily earn the ratings but afterwards in div1 actual exan starts you need to do hard for earning even small rating.


yes…but the site should teach something for div2 also nah…since there are so many div2 people in this site

in yesterdays div1 contest…if some one can type XOR question fast…he would get rank like 30…which means he can have huge raise if he is 4* or 5*…
in long challenges its tough to earn in div1,but cookoffs still remain unbalanced enough for undeserved raises

yeah a kind of , because most of the people in interviews are not aware of codeforces . I think codechef do provide a lot of resources . I suggest you to pick problems from 2014 long to 2017 long challenges and practice them . They are the most standard and beautiful problems you’ll ever see in a coding community and btw The actual fun begins when you enter div1 :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


if i enter div1…i will only participate in cookoffs type some code in 20 minutes and gain huge raise and brag that i have so many stars

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yes @hari_2666. You will gain huge rating after you enter in div1. I visited your CodeChef profile and found that you solved all questions of div2 long challenge(August & September). So you are suppose to make fun of rating system.

@hariomdeo whether i enter div 1 or not…
codechef rating system and contests should see a change for the betterment of community

Codechef ratings are quite worthless anyways, Codeforces is much better. Also what kind of company takes a rating on a frickin’ competitive programming site to evaluate candidate potentials?


if problems were simple why you were not able to solve them?


@anon54919853…i solved 3 of them…thats y i said they are simple

Listen buddy it is very easy to be a one contest wonder rather than being consistent.
Codechef ratings comprises of ratings two very different types of contest, 10 day long and 2-3 hours. So it is obvious to have variations in the ratings of two types.

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it is still easy to be a good typist in one contest for 3 minutes than being a one contest wonder

So according to you typing is only needed thing in the previous contest and not the brain.
Well Best of luck then :+1:.

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for div2…exactly…so many got +100 or like that even all they did is typing…
not just this cookoff every cook off is like this
long and lunchtimes are far better

i typed for 3 minute (solved the first one in 3min 26 sec to be precise) and gained 100+rating (125 to be precise) so i find myself eligible to put my views in this.Let me break my statements into several points.

  1. Firtsly the difference between 3 and 2 star is not that big.

  2. You say it typing of 3 min?maybe yes but for this 3 min i have solved around several thousand problems.

  3. Short challenges are meant for fast solvers and that’s why they are short(pretty obvious).

Apart from that i do agree that last cook-off was highly unbalanced.

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i agree that short contests are for fast solvers…but it’s good when the question
that is solved fast needs some observations and implementations…if
only one question is solved…it needs to be tough like in yesterdays div 1…

for yesterdays 3 mins…no need of thousand problems…so even if someone did not solve many he could do the same…what use is your thousand problems when u are not able to solve simple problems??we should solve tougher problems bro

.i am not pointing to any single person…
i just wish a change in codechef …

that’s my point …blue should be valuable …it should not be same as 2*…
if 1* is nothing and there is no diff between 2* and 3*…then what is div2??

codechef cookoffs are not obvious…there are many sites with short contests and they are balanced

i don’t want to point out or demotivate anyone…i just wish that some changes are made so that our Indian site becomes better …

agree with you on that. i too used to see 3* as a prestigous tag a month earlier but now the glory has fade away. just advice codechef to held more balanced contests and till then i’ll let my codeforces rating decide my level in CP.