Why Hackerrank not organised competition nowdays?

I’m in 32nd rank in the overall leaderboard…
the fights are not always fake…I lost many times there with opposite opponent…

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I never won damn what should i do???

More practice… xD

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Because they were mostly beginners . And experts knew it’s not worth participating so they dont participate and beginners do .

I never said I won all of them.
I haven’t lost. It was tie if I didn’t won

@l_returns bhai ko koi bhi kuch nahi bolega, discussion over .Xd.

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Okay haven’t faced such opponents yet.
I would love to participate if people beat me.
I also suggested this 1vs1 thing to codechef in hope that I will get good opponents here.
And I also think it’s not always possible for them to find an opponent quickly so they might fake it sometimes.

I am one of the problem setter of hackerrank.
I asked them about this issue and also informed them about people missing it :slight_smile:
They are busy with some other things like hiring so that’s the reason why they have reduced frequency of contests.

Arrey, ye mere dono pyaare dost ladh kyu rahe hai bhala…:smiley::smiley::smiley:

Tum dono kaa 1 on 1 chahiye :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Kaha koi ladh rha hai !

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Take a chill-pill :slight_smile:

:joy::joy: :sweat_smile:
… …

I have participated in code arena for around 15 times . I think they let the users win for 15 to 20 times then place real opponents because my opponent never made any submissions.

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Might be…

Bhagwaan sabhi ko aise hi opponents de <3


Bhaiyo mudda tha hakerrank or ho gya hackerearth , should I change the question from current to how many times u win in code arena , #kisme_kitna_hai_dum. :joy::joy::joy:


Bro, can you do something.

actually someone suggest me to code in HackerRank I mistakely typed hakerEarth and start coding there…there is always a big confusion between these two…so it is not the first time when someone talk about hakerRank and hackerEarth will not involve in the topic…:grin:

Correct , this confused me also in beginning , :grin:

But I really want to compete in hackerRank…I only able to attend 1 rated contest there when I started CP…till then I never see any contest again…