Why Hackerrank not organised competition nowdays?

Yes you r correct I also participate in 3 contest And in 1 contest I got bronze medal :medal_sports::grinning:

I don’t know what algo they are using for matching opponent…but I lost my 4th match from start…so 15 to 20 is a big number for me… I try my best to win these matches…and my dream is to come under 50 in the overall leaderboard…

good…(CC needs to change this 20 char limit)

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@samarthtandon This 20 char limit is really annoying.

@l_returns always have to place some dots (… …) to overcome this xD…

then i even keep putting dots in other chats :joy:


The Power of Habits xD…

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A bit late, but if anyone is still reading this thread …

I came up with a few Hard-Expert Challenges for Hackerrank (so probably Medium-Hard here ;)) and contacted their Challenge Creation Team directly, and this is the info I was able to glean:

  • The Challenge Team is no longer creating Challenges for Competitions - henceforth, all Challenges created are for interviews only. Since such Challenges need to be completeable under interview conditions in about 45 mins, they have very strict guidelines on what they’ll accept (for example: Graph Challenges cannot require a recursion depth exceeding 1000 (!)). I withdrew my Challenges at this point: they really don’t meet these restrictions.

  • There may be two Competitions coming up this year, which will use “banked” Challenges that were created earlier and saved.

I hope I’m not misrepresenting them, but what I got from this is that Competitions are going to be sharply de-emphasised from now on and Hackerrank are focussing more on helping companies with their interviews, which I suppose is where they make money. It looks like it’s definitely not a case of a shortage of Challenge-setters.

Hope this info is of use to people!


You matched with bots since there might be less users for such contest

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Yea, I moved on to HackerEarth solely because of that reason. They host a hell lot of contests. But, I feel CodeChef is the best I’ve experienced as of yet because I haven’t seen a single competition by HackerEarth where all the questions go without flaws. Almost every time, people are all screaming and gnashing their teeth in the comments because of such poor management skills of the teams.