Why still MOSS is not running after Feb 2020 contests

Hey @admin , Can I ask why CC is not running MOSS / plag checker after Feb 2020 contest ?

In last lunchtime , people cheat so much in SPTREE problem , almost 40 solutions I saw , they are exactly same . Why CC is so late to do these things , one year is gone but still no MOSS , Why admin why ?

@cubefreak777 @suman_18733097

here are some :
Solution: 45682014 | CodeChef
Solution: 45684033 | CodeChef
Solution: 45679257 | CodeChef
Solution: 45678935 | CodeChef
Solution: 45678350 | CodeChef
Solution: 45685695 | CodeChef
Solution: 45684831 | CodeChef
Solution: 45684321 | CodeChef
Solution: 45683289 | CodeChef
Solution: 45682800 | CodeChef
Solution: 45682686 | CodeChef
Solution: 45682651 | CodeChef
Solution: 45685894 | CodeChef
Solution: 45685881 | CodeChef

and many many more .

Please do something CC.

Even if we mail you nothing gonna happen , this is so bad that u r not doing enough for this issue .


Actually moss admins don’t scroll through discuss posts so mailing it to them is actually the most effective way and the best we can do.

but buddy , even after one year they are unable to run MOSS , isn’t this is wrong , due to this the users who are really trying very hard get less rank .


Yeah of course I do agree with you but I think there might’ve been a good reason for a delay of 1 year which the admin can throw more light on.

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They did nothing since @admin had announced this.

Is plagiarism checking not an automatic process? I mean, right after any contest gets over, the code gets checked for plagiarism and deduct 275 points for that?

I don’t think so. They do it periodically I guess.

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It will take place in 2022. MOSS checking occurs in AP :sleepy::sleepy: