Why to choose?

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Why should we choose C++ for preparation of product based Interviews?

Please give the detailed explanation with reasons.
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We know that for most students or professionals this is a difficult step. You have the skillset, you know everything that these companies are looking for but you don’t get the calls for the interviews from these companies. So let’s discuss how to get the call from these companies. You might be from any top engineering college, some private engineering college, or a working professional.

  • We need to clearly mention here that mostly these big product-based companies hire freshers from top colleges like IITs or NITs and they visit in these top colleges for campus recruitment or they prefer to hire someone experience holder. The reason is these companies have a certain budget and within this budget, they are supposed to fill the vacancy. This budget also includes traveling cost, recruitment cost and other expenses if they visit any college. So they prefer to visit those colleges where they can find some good students to hire. In normal engineering colleges most of the time they filter everyone and do not find any suitable candidate. So if you are from these top colleges then you are lucky and you won’t face any problem in the first step.
  • If we talk about the students from some private engineering colleges then we need to say you may have to work hard and put some extra effort to get the call from these companies but don’t be disappointed, if you follow some tips and right approach then you can get the interview calls.
  • If you already have experience in software development then you can directly apply to these companies or get some referrals from employees working in these companies.


  • Your resume is the first thing that plays a crucial role in getting the call for the interviews. It should be short and precise so try to summarize everything in just one page because recruiters spend only 10-15 seconds scanning a resume so make sure that every single line you write in your resume(especially on the top) should answer a question of the recruiter “Why should we hire this person?“. Below is the link to help you in making a good resume or portfolio that clearly mentions what you should include and what you shouldn’t in your resume.