ZIO 2023 Discussion

Hi i there wasn’t any discussion thread for ZIO 2023 so i created one early you guys can discuss about ZIO cutoff, answers etc here.

Sumbit Your Answers Below.

Responses : ZIO 2023 Answers (Responses) - Google Sheets

Update :

ZIO 2023 Official Answer key:
Q1: 30, 136, 441
Q2: 53, 33750, 5437218
Q3: 3, 70, 344960
Q4: 181, 12599, 4388


What are everyone’s guesses for the cutoffs??

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hii , remember me
give the exam along u in centre
how was your ZIO exam

I feel like the cutoff will be at least 5 points higher than last year, since this year’s paper was kind of easier than last year. (Maybe it could be 10 also, I don’t think it will go that high though)

idts you’re over predicting number (taking high value isn’t bad though we should always be prepared for worst possible case). Though can’t say as long as original dont get released.

25-30 for 7&above ig.

tbh not as expected preparing for ZCO.

hiii, i dont know have much coding experience
i only know c++ and basic topics of it
last year i prepared PRMO thats why i gave ZIO this time

This is my 1st ZCO , can u pls guide me how to prepare for it

ok bro , will message u on insta
i dont have discord

Hmm, but if you have math olympiad experience, tasks 1, 2 and 3 were easier to solve. Also, task 4(a) was just bruteforce, so it doesn’t require any algo, so I think this year’s paper was easier.

Oh, also can you make a form along with official answer key from UFDS, so that people can enter their marks (anonymously if they want).


Thanks! :slight_smile:

yess, that’s why gave ZIO because of math experience

Now preparing for ZCO ,its spine breaking task for me as i know only basic c++ and no advance topics and only 13 days are left for exam.

i am also very confuse and bit depress :upside_down_face: :melting_face: :sweat:

You’ve Joined in UFDS?

whats udfs??

If you qualify for INOI through ZIO itself, there isn’t any need for you to qualify through ZCO for INOI (although qualifying through only ZIO will mean that you will be on the back foot for INOI but still)

True CP skills matters at the end.

When will the result be out? Any idea?

ZIO result will be released on 9th December.