ACM ICPC 2018-19 Amritapuri Expected Ranklist!

Using Payment Confirmed Team Details for amritapuri, and github repo of @worldfinal and codechef ranklist I prepared expected Ranklist for AmritaPuri
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Note : This is only a expected ranklist, AND NOT SELECTION LIST. many teams can be disqualified due to plagiarism. Also teams who have not registered on Amritapuri but have same team name are also included in this list!


can you plz find number of different institute in this amritapuri list w.r.t to the amritapuri rank… or can you plz tell the number of different colleges above 795 rank in amritapuri region(AIR is 1329) plz… @babangain
This is the EXPECTED amritapuri ranklist till global rank 1011

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Please do post the expected ranklists for other 3 sites as well.


babangain you can visit my yesterdays repository again. I added .txt file of all teams participating in kharagpur region. So you don’t have to scrap data from baylor site. This will be very helpful if you could do it.

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Our team rank is 972(1st in college) and we registered in Gwalior onsite. What are our chances of getting selected?

I have the list of teams for Gwalior in json. Here you go :wink:,country,name,status%3B&page=1&size=1000

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I have recieved no of colleges before me as 198 and overall rank 1385 will i be selected.
Amritapuri region

have recieved no of colleges before me as 198 and overall rank 1385 will i be selected.
Amritapuri region.

have recieved no of colleges before me as 100 and overall rank 483. 2ND from college. What are our chances of getting selected. Amritapuri region.

Hey,our overall rank is 241.But we are 13th in our institute,do we have a chance?

Our overall rank is 1634 and 1st from our institute. Do we have a chance of getting selected for Amritapuri Onsite ??

Amritapuri Selection Criteria:-
Selection is based on the rank only. To maximize participation from maximum institutions, there will be a cap for teams from one institution.

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Our overall rank is 130 and college rank is 3rd.
We filled Amritapuri and Gwalior, and we are 2nd in both of those sites from our college.
What are our chances? Please help.

How many slots for Amritapuri onsite?

Codechef mention 225 slots but Amritapuri icpc site mention 250 slots link.

which is correct?

hey, the ranks for ACMIND18 has been updated after removing the teams caught in plagiarism. Can you prepare a expected rank-list and selection-list same as this one again for Amritapuri site?? @babangain @worldfinal

No. of colleges BEFORE you at Amrita is 195.
Check :

nice work @babangain… can u create expected list for gwalior region?

@hemant_dhanuka I can’t because list of teams registered for Gwalior is not available.