Codechef server

Please codechef, If your server is not working than make your round unrated. I run my code more then 10 times but it reply cannot connect codechef server.


yeah mee too

status: unable to connect codechef server. please check yout internet connection and try again.
My internet is working fine. Whats happeing? Im also unable to submit try many times but always unable to connect codechef server.
your Lunchtime Contest should now cant be fare.


same here

Even i am facing the same issue.

Running your code on the IDE might take time. But the submission queue is running perfectly. So if the IDE is being slow for you, please use a local IDE and just submit the code - there will no issues with submission.
We are working on increasing the IDE’s capacity as well now.


Error occurs :expressionless:

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same here

exactly man

Same problem

I think it is started working now as I made a submission just now.