Credit Suisse Global Coding Challenge 3.0 2021 (Hiring : Full Time + Internship)

GG bro …congrats for getting ipad :slight_smile: Can you guide me how to improve problem solving skills? I have used codeforces…should i shift to codechef?

I really dont know … :confounded:

Scores are given according to the exectution time of the program i guess.

Can anyone please help me with this issue…I was getting this problem for the 4th question then I tried solving the 5th it executed successfully and again the same issue for question no 6.

i dont do cp anymore, and this contest is all about optimization, the problems are easy i bet anyone can solve them, if given enough time.

your score is determined by your program execution time.

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I wanted to check out the ‘Questions’ section on the Suisse website but the page kept getting blocked by a form prompt which I had already filled earlier. I tried filling it again but the ‘University’ section wouldn’t accept any sort of input.

I thought I would try relogging, but then this happened:

Any solutions for this?

Figure out on your own!
You shouldn’t ask these type of questions!

@admin please ensure that this thread is not used for cheating purposes

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Ok brother.

So tough :cry:

What’s the point of posting such stuff here ?

I didnt post any solutions …you can chill

Has anyone got a score of +98 in any questions?

In problem 6 example 2
why o/p is CDEFG ?
IMO it should be ABCDE

Can someone explain me how ?
Are multiple answers possible for this ?

NO bro multiple answers are not possible take pen and paper see the pattern in that test case and just follow that.

@s59_60r in which language did you write your codes?

If I submit a fuly corect solution in python and then in cpp and if cpp execution time is better then later will be considered or the scores will be given according to first one?

Possible bro

Does anyone know any other way to contact the contest admins other than the help query section on the website? I am facing some weird server errors since 2 days and no one has replied to the queries.

Yes I also ant to know like what should be the rank to get selected for internship?

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