Does Google even check Plag for Kickstart Rounds

I want to know if Google checks plagiarism for Kickstart. Check my previous thread.

This time I 'm sure this guy ( Codechef handle) cheated. First read my previous thread about Round C.
Now coming to Round D. Many of solutions were circulated in this telegram group. He has submitted same solutions. Now ranklist has been finalized and no action taken against him. Why?? This is unfair for those who participate fairly. I’m also attaching the screenshots.

More Proofs -
Check Solutions of both the accounts. All 4 AC solutions are same. There will be many more but I found these two-

Check submissions of this guy.. They are exactly same.

Kickstart Rules-

@l_returns @ssrivastava990
PS- his codechef account is also full of plagiarism

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Bro What do you think? Have you checked? Why doesn’t google check plag for kickstart? :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: @hello_hell

Yup, they are the same but maybe you should mail because as they have mentioned on rules page that they will disqualify you in case of sharing information.

Edit: Why didn’t you used your actual account to post it.

Guys, I checked profile which @anon57048905 provided, can you please tell why his ratings are not decreased as we can see he was plagiarized two times.

Looks like this was correct afterall, lmao every hour someone is exposing someone !

I mailed them after Round C after ranklist was finalized. They said ranklist has been finalized now and they can’t reveal any info about any particular participant.

For obvious reasons.

*3 times
From past 1 year nobody’s ratings have fallen.

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@admin @vijju123 any reason for not changing the ratings.

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He even posted it on Linkedin

Now I have more proofs that he cheated-

These two people have same solutions for all 4 problems. There will be many cheaters but I found these two.

everyone should cheat it is the only way to get a job

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I know you’re sarcastic. Right?

I wish I could downvote.


Sadly…these cheaters don’t understand that they are doing wrong to themselves only but I’m not happy with google because they don’t do plagiarism check. Even when I mailed them for Round C. Their reply was- Ranklist is now finalized and they can’t provide any information about any participant.

I think he was sarcastic.

So let’s take down one more karangreat.


Yes, there will be many more like him in this Round. I have mailed them after. Lets’s see what they reply.

Just wanted to ask that are you his friend? Are you taking revenge from him? If you don’t know him then how much time you have that you started checking solutions of some random people. Please don’t take this as I am supporting cheating.

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I’m just disappointed with google. Even they kicked Great Karan out of Code Jam but why not Kickstart Rounds.

NO, I don’t know him but found his post on Linkedin as above where he has posted also about his codechef handle.

I don’t even know him lol. I don’t really care about him. I am just disappointed with Google KIckstart.
Either they should do a plagiarism check or remove this thing from their rules-

me too

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Does Google hire through kickstart? Bcz there must be some good reason that they don’t check plag

Actually …They don’t exactly hire only on basis of kickstart rank but good performance in kickstart gives you an edge.

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