Invitation to CODE START 2020 - NIT Patna

Editorial is Out here.

> RANPRO Editorial

@anon31329220 I am a Bangladeshi participation of this contest and I want to ask that Is there certificate for us, I mean Certificate of participation? Pardon me if ask anything ridiculous.

Will try for all participants.

But how for the foreign country? I mean how will they get it?

Only E-Certificate with digital Signatures of Head of Department CSE NIT Patna.

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CEMENT Editorial .
CEMENT Editorial

@anon31329220 Can you please tell me what is wrong with my code?
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@ifrunruhin all you need to do was to convert the given decimal to binary and print the sum of all indexes with value 1. You can check my code through my profile

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@redblade098 yes, I did so.

Temple Editorial :

TEMPLE Editorial

You can check my code with your IDE, and this give you the proper answer. but why NZEC?

i am not that comfortable with python

@redblade098 oh, I didn’t know. excuse me.

Seems like test cases for PROFDE were weak as a slight optimization to brute force solution might fetch you an AC .Liked the problem though


Was there problem with test cases during contest for this problem ? I have used same approach with similar code.

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I generated the test cases with my code I think my approach is correct . FInd if any bug was there in my code.

Box In the Box Editorial.
BOXINBOX Editorial.

here is my solution, I don’t think its different from what yr code says…

Hope you guys liked the contest. Links for editorials of all the problem are here:
PROFDE Editorial
LUCKYNO Editorial
PRIMBIT Editorial
BOXINBOX Editorial
CRWDCN Editorial
TEMPLE Editorial
CEMENT Editorial
RANPRO Editorial

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Thank you very nice question done!