Terrible Experience in TCS CodeVita Zone 2 Pre-qualifier round

Most of us must have registered for TCS CodeVita, this was my experience for yesterday’s Zone 2 Pre-qualifier Round:

I started in early hours of the contest. Tried 2 problems but couldn’t get AC. After spending almost 2 hours, I checked the Graphs section, at that time only 2 problems had submissions which were either Accepted or had Presentation Error, I solved those two problems in about an hour.

Then I checked the graph again, still the condition was same and I was like, one more problem and I will be on TOP. Hell yeah!!! :star_struck:

Later, in an hour, I realised that I was not spending time, but I was actually wasting time on those problems. I checked the graph, it showed over 2500 unaccepted, but no accepted solution yet. I mailed them regarding the same, and they replied: “The problems have been thoroughly tested. Please check your solution.”

Remaining two problems had no accepted submissions too, so considering the situation then, I assumed that those were thoroughly tested too, and decided to quit. Most probably, others must have assumed the same, since there were not so many submissions at that time. But when I checked the graph in the last 5 minutes, there were some Amoeba sized bars of presentation error verdict (for the remaining two problems questions).

Hats Off to the TCS CodeVita Season 9 Setting Team (& Testing team too, if they exist)

Thank You for such a great, I mean not so great Contest. (flow flow me great likh diya :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

How was your experience? And I would really like to hear other’s thoughts on the same.

P.S, My set had Following problems questions:
Fill the Cube
Odd Even
Max Sum
Path through Graph
Equalise Weights
3 Palindrome

The two thoroughly tested problems were Fill the Cube and Odd Even.

Since the contest is over, if anyone had some common problems and were able to solve them, then please share your approach.


can you share me your fill the cube problem’s code?

It took 4 hours for me to solve fill the cube.

You got AC?

I got memory limit error in odd even. terrible contest. 3 question full working on my tc but memory limit exceeded error. How to solve odd even i used itertools permutation.

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AC means?

FIll the cube certainly had some issues either the problem statement missed something(or I missed it even though read it 10 times), or the tests were for some else problem. I did got B and C that’s why my experience was fine. It was my first Codevita.

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you got it accepted?

ohh accepted …Ac…
No bro… The contest was over… I just soved the remaining part of my problem only after my time ended

can you share your code?

I didnt submit the code

Here’s mine and I don’t understand what i did wrong in this problem. No idea what they had in their thorough test cases.
Fill The Cube

For that problem, I reached to a conclusion that
Total valid permutations are
n = total nos. between l and r
a = total nos. which are even
b = total nos. which are odd
(a) ^ k + summation( (b ^ x) . (a ^ (k - x)) . k! /summation(r1! r2! r3! …)) for x from 2 , 4, 6… min(k, b) where r1, r2, r3 are the total repetitions for some digit in the permutation.

however i was not able to figure out how to get those r

Odd Even

Solving problems using python I had terrible experiences, once I used enumeration on a for loop instead of range and I got MLE, then was using a for loop I was getting TLE, I didn’t thought that extreme amounts of optimizations needed to be made to pass tc.

I had the exact same problem with “Fill the cube”… invested a lot of time and then saw in the graph that nobody got it correct. Please help me find the error in my code.

Problem : https://drive.google.com/file/d/18Ra02NWFB6QTWJ4Z0HDzC9YhMMcMCbtW/view?usp=sharing
Solution : [help in spotting the error]

TCS Covdevita Season 9 was a biased towards zone 1. I solved 3 in mockvita 1 and 2 as well as in Zone 1, but when I saw questions of Zone 2, I was like WTF!!!. I was only able to solve one that was Elections.

and I suffer this from last 3 years :slightly_frowning_face:


I tried following approach in Odd Even, but got WA

e = \lfloor \frac{high}{2} \rfloor - \lfloor \frac{low}{2} \rfloor + \ !(low\&1)

o = high - low + 1 - e

result = \sum_{i=0}^{\lfloor \frac{k}{2} \rfloor} \ ^kC_{2*i}*\ o^{2*i}\ *\ e^{k-2*i}

I also took care of \mod 10^9+7 after every step, still Wrong Answer. :confused:

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I guess only people having maxsum and odd even problem had done any good to the acceptance in the graph . otherwise in every other question it was blood red

I got AC in 3 Problems:

  1. Elections
  2. Binary equivalent
  3. Zoo design

if you need a solution for any of these , please let me now…I’ll try to explain my approach with comments