UEM22019- All Problems are from Google Codejam

All the problems of this contest is from google codejam , if u copied some question , and put it on cc , there is no meaning , at least make question no matter how easy it was
Totally disappointed as well as wtf the same solution which passed google q. , fails here , LOL
(Yes i submit 2 to 3 solutions from codejam )


If anyone want link to original problem , i have links


Also, the first rank is the question setter himself. :thinking:
Just for clarification, this is hosted by UEM Jaipur (different from UEM Kolkata).

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In past contest, they also did the same.
See this threads of last year-
UEMCO question copied !

So, its not the first time that they are doing these. I wonder, how does codechef them to hold contest.

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oh yes… i m frustated budyy after this contest …gd ngt: )

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This will only bring down the reputation of their own college only.

Can you share the links of last 2 problems?

search star wars google codejam u will get it

All the 3 teams who managed to solve “IRC Finals” question, have almost/exactly similar solution.

yes…bro baat esi hai ki ye bevkuf hai even first question ko mene 15 different solution se try kiya WA aaya.
Now rahi baat 2nd q. ki usko bhi kahi baar try kya jo solution tourist ka hai
wo yha tle aara hai
jab mene pehli baar q. dekha ki CASE#1 ese h , me samjh gya either kickstart or codejam

Even the could not manage to change the output format too:joy::joy::joy:

First Question: Cakewalk
Second Question: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/pyramid-form-increasing-decreasing-consecutive-array-using-reduce-operations/
Third Question: https://code.google.com/codejam/contest/32011/dashboard#s=p0&a=4
Fourth Question: https://code.google.com/codejam/contest/5224486/dashboard#s=p5
Fifth Question: https://code.google.com/codejam/contest/32001/dashboard#s=p2

Credits @pj21 (He has insane googling skills !!!).


par chalte kyu nhi h solutions fir…

Please share

here u go…

Can you please provide the link of the IITB competition which is going on now?

go to techfest.org

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Would like to add this too:


I remember this contest last year they wasted 3 hours ,
Don’t know why codechef allows such contest on their platform ?