Updates on curtailing plagiarism

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i have been falsely accused of the plagarism in April Lunchtime 2022 Division 3(Rated) Even though the problem was fairly simple and had a straight forward logic.

Code chef tells us that it is accused person’s responsibility to provide with a proof, but they never mention what will they consider as a valid proof. A explanation for code? photo of rough work which was done during contest to come up with solution? what?

. i Tried hard to come up with a brute force solution, and then tried to optimise it.
i have been on this platform from a long period of time, trying to learn and improve every day . still my i have touched only a 3* star rating at max.
i have solved more than 120 problems here, and i am active in discussion of editorials after contest. i even stay away from long challenges because of plagarism. why would i do so if i was involved in such kind of activities? wouldn’t i take advantage of the fact how easy it is to cheat in long challenges because of the time they provide?

can other experienced programmers guide me ? what steps should i take during this situation?
@cubefreak777 @suman_18733097 (i am tagging you two because you are the only ones with whom i have interacted more frequently and remember. I am sorry if it is not ok, and will not do it if you don’t like it.)

Link of suspected submisssions:
Solution: 63061739 | CodeChef - Solution: 63056609 | CodeChef , Solution: 63061739 | CodeChef - Solution: 63066021 | CodeChef , Solution: 63061739 | CodeChef - Solution: 63068185 | CodeChef

They are right. You should prove you’ve not cheated. We can’t do anything about it. TBH, even I feel your submission is not authentic.

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  1. but how should i prove it?
    providing the explanation and photos is the best i could do.

  2. TBH, even I feel your submission is not authentic.
    can you please tell why? i might be use that information to prove my legitimacy.

The only way to prove yourself, is getting your rating back by performing well in upcoming contests. Become 6 star or 7 star or whatever is your target, thats the only way to prove that you are not guilty xd. I was also plagiarised without any reason, and not even received a mail. Even i mailed them but they said that I should have received it, but I told them that I couldn’t find it, and since then I didn’t receive any further mail. So best way is to improve yourself. Forget about rating, codechef’s plag checker is not upto the mark.

I think codechef need to fix the plag system again to the first submission will be the one not getting plag
and also please check again my solution because they are all copy mine
Hi stoopidatcodin,

We found a few of your codes in CodeChef Starters 32 Division 3 (Rated) to be similar to other users’ submissions. We have disqualified all your Submissions. Your rating will be dropped by 275 points as a penalty, and we might also permanently ban some of the cheaters. Here are the solutions we found to be similar:

We found a few of your codes in CodeChef Starters 33 Division 2 (Rated) to be similar to other users’ submissions. We have disqualified all your Submissions. Your rating will be dropped by 275 points as a penalty, and we might also permanently ban some of the cheaters. Here are the solutions we found to be similar:

Please check again and fix your system
Thank you

@all appealing against the first plagiarism email that was sent to you:

You would have received an email for every contest that you have been accused of plagiarism in. That email explicitly talks about how you can appeal against the accusation, and gives a particular time period for appeals, and ratings are dropped only after that period is over. And if you have replied within that time period, your ratings will not be dropped until all of your emails are read, the submissions pairs manually verified, and your email replied to.

So, search for that email and reply to it. If you can’t find the email for some reason, send an email to help@codechef.com. And wait for at least 3 weeks to get a reply - there are hundreds of appeals that have to be looked at, and it takes time. Posting on discuss isn’t going to help you.

But do note that if you send an email, and we find that it’s a frivolous appeal, we might permanently ban your account. So don’t email and waste our time if you have cheated.


Actually I think that the first submitter from each batch of plagiarized solutions should get the most harsh punishment. Maybe this person is the smartest from the group and really solved the problem, but this is irrelevant. What really matters is that this person is a cheating enabler, who is directly responsible for the caused damage.

Just don’t share your solution with the others! Please learn how to respect the rules of programming competitions.

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Continuing the discussion from Updates on curtailing plagiarism:

I never ever cheated in any contest. But still, I have been plagiarised, even didn’t get any mail regarding that.
I mailed codechef yesterday but didn’t get any reply till now.
I’ve been working for the last 2 years and in just one click without any known reason, they just plagiarised me. If I have to be a cheater then in all/ most of the contests I’ve scored good marks. There were already many hills in my graphs but now when I was hoping to be 4 stars. They destroyed everything without giving me any reason and explanation.
@admin Can you please look into this? Please

I also have a similar issue.
Please Sir, in search of finding the guilty don’t punish innocents.
Email: refertoyash@gmail.com
ID: refertoyash

I didn’t get any mail from codechef and without having any discussion they directly plagiarised me.
I mailed them my issue but till now didn’t get any reply.
Please, sir. It hurts a lot for those who are honest.

no :slight_smile:

How come others get your code during contest?

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Hello admin of codechef
My handle is Hotdogcoding and i wonder how one of my contest I didn’t get any problem is [April Long One 2022, Division 4 (Rated)] when my global rank is 13594 how I still got plag for cheating?
I hope you can check it.

Best regard.

Due to some technical issues, we have realized that many of the emails that we intended to send to users for plagiarizing in the 6 contests, as mentioned in the below table, weren’t received. Hence, these users did not get their appeal phase and had their ratings dropped before they could appeal their case. We sincerely apologize for that.

We are now resending those emails and are reopening the appeal phase for these 6 contests.

I can’t copy anyone’s program but why my point decreased due to plagiarism… : (
my * Username:goutam599

I have received a mail stating that I have plaigarised in CodeChef Starters 30 Division 1, Problem A. The solution of the problem is to sort a string and then print it. Now why would you even run a plaigarism test on such a problem is beyond me but the issue here seems to be that the template of both of the users is the same. My template is publically available with one of the sources being codechef’s submissions itself!(publically viewable after every contest). I expect that this will get cleared up.

Solution: 60531403 | CodeChef Solution: 60532047 | CodeChef


Trust me. Div 4 innocents are suffering because of this non perfect plagiarism check.
I am one one of them. RIP START36D.:sob:

Hi all - I am new in codechef. I started doing contests around a month ago. Today i got a mail about my solution being similar to one other contestant. And yes i agree my code is somewhat similar. But the real issue is the problem in which i got plagiarised is a simple problem with direct approach with couple of lines of codes. Hence, chances of similar codes. So, in this case there should not be any strict plagiarism code of conduct.

START36D division 4, was my 2nd contest in codechef (1 star coder). I can’t actually explain much.
I just want to know how come there is zero possibility of few lines of code not being similar when there are around 10,000 users attempting it. I think that this Anti-Plagiarism should not be used for atleast Div 4 problems(mainly for simple codes) as there is high chances of similarities.

I have also replied The Chef in the mail about it. Hope i get justice. :slightly_smiling_face:

Below are the codes that got plagiarised. (my code and someone named @kt0601 kt0601)

Solution: 63753598 | CodeChef -
Solution: 63753577 | CodeChef

Buddy, i am currently in the same state where you have been earlier.
Check this post to know:
Innocents getting plagiarised START36D 2022

I want to know how you succesfully appealed and reverted the false plagiarism accusation. Please let me know. I have already replied to their plagiarism mail but didnt received any reply yet.

write a mail to codechef. i faced a similar issue so i mailed them, and they confirmed it was a case of false positive.

yes, i immediately replied(appealed) when i received their mail, but it’s been more than 36 hours, they haven’t replied back.

In your case, how much time did they took to reply/respond back?