Use this for anything related to plagiarism - Reporting cheating, appeals, etc

@admin this guy is selling codes in one of the telegram groups.

Please ban this guy.

Edit- It seems, someone tried to frame him on telegram to degrade him.

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Exactly 13 months I mailed CC. Plag checks are supposed to be slow, guess I’ll be back in 2022.


CC A sincere request to stop long challenges and start short ones, just go to youtube and search boolean game editorial or tree permutations editorial and you will get to know. I hate CC.


I personally don’t take Longs, but there is no reason to stop hosting them. I solve things on my own and wait until the challenge is over to submit or simply upsolve.

Longs offer very diverse problemsets and they are always nice way to practice. If you are scared of losing rating due to cheating, just don’t take part in long. There are multiple short contest platforms, but only one for long ones, so no - don’t take Long away.

Cheaters exist everywhere and excluding Long rating from combined will just hurt the 15-30% people that gained rating genuinely.

This is a very great effort from your side. These cheaters should be penalized heavily for plagiarizing . Plagiarizing should not be a new normal .


@admin @jay_1048576

YT link was published before long challenge ended.
Students Code : Solution: 44854100 | CodeChef
YT link sol: Boolean Game(BOOLGAME) || Codechef 100% ACCEPTED SOLUTION || April Long Challenge 2021||DIV123 - YouTube


@admin please ban Suraj Mamgai, Pankaj Sahu, Swastik, Shivangi Mishra, Nishant Rajput as they upload their solutions on youtube.

Their youtube channel is YBTH CODERS.

They all are of Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Technology, Delhi. Maybe they are different individuals that record their solutions and then one of them uploads on youtube. Maybe these all accounts are of a single person. Maybe they are not even from Maharaja Agrasen. Who knows.

All of the anti-plag squad please go and report this channel and also provide a long and accurate reason for report there. Also codechef officials should also report these channels to youtube. Lets see for how long they keep making new accounts on codechef and new channels on youtube.

Also shame on these people. Whoever is from Maharaja Agrasen please report them to your college codechef chapter and mock them.

p.s. I have a ton of evidence against them. I will mail it all to codechef as well. @jay_1048576 these are the people who leak your problem solutions online.


Exactly. This is my second long contest. In the first contest I was in div3 and I got 4th rank on the 9th day. However on the last day there was such a mass cheating for some problems that my rank was pushed to 61. Those were the problems I spent entire weekend to solve.
What else can be more heart breaking than this ? So I stopped participating in codechef and hence didn’t participate in Feb and March long contest. btw because of 61 rank, I made it to Div2.
This time I participated again and got 2nd rank in Div2. Contest is over hence my 2nd rank is fixed this time. I solved some of the problems which were solved only by 2 other people.

The conclusion is, eventually you will get what you deserve irrespective of cheating done by other people.


Dude tf this isn’t me. Can you please post the phone number. Someone is misusing my name. Also why would someone be so dumb to use their name :.


I really apologize if this was mistake. I found this guy posting it in the group “Codechef unofficial”. As soon as I reported him there, the admin banned him from the group. He didn’t have any phone number, but his telegram id is- @vivek_cp

Please check it. Maybe someone from your college is trying to frame you. Once again I am sorry for the mistake.

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It’s very easy for these people to frame someone. It’s Just one look at the leaderboard and finding someone with the same solved list. I understand it was a mistake but please don’t degrade someone’s name on a public platform without proper proof again. :frowning:

I would really appreciate it if you remove my handle from the original post.

Congratulations for the achievement.
Well I got rank 5100+. But the point of long event is to make us familiarize with different sets of questions. Long event is actually helpful for those who are beginners in competitive programming .The more you earn the lesser the chance of increasing the rating.

Done. I apologize for my mistake.

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Does Codechef have changed it’s policy against cheaters?

I think Codechef has unofficially allowed cheating.

After March long challenge, I had reported few cheaters. I had reported it in codechef discuss and even mailed to codechef with proofs. But codechef has taken no action till date and result is that same guy cheated again. He ended up at Global rank 9 in Div 2. This guy is [user:rajanarora1999]

He has two codechef ids: rajan9353 and rajan0909.

I don’t want to waste much time on proving he is cheater as Codechef doesn’t care.

Just see his submissions of TREEPERM :
Submission of rajan9353
Submission of rajan0909

Remove useless functions from code template of rajan0909, both codes are same (just variable names are changed).

Also notice

for(int i=1;i<100000;i++)

This loop is there 29 times in rajan0909’s submission.


        int a;

This loop is there 29 times in rajan9353’s submission.

I see only one reason for these loops i.e. To avoid being caught by MOSS (Which I don’t think is run by codechef anymore).

Also rajan9353 doesn’t belong to Jadavpur University which he mentioned in his profile. I have screenshots where he filled different university.

This is the link to my previous comment on his cheating in case anybody still have some doubts..

I don’t think any action will be taken against him as codechef doesn’t take action even after mailing all proofs. I don’t understand what codechef is doing. Codechef is unable to catch cheaters and when somebody reports by mail then also codechef doesn’t take any action.


Just stop putting pressure on CodeChef team. This topic has been discussed numerous times - we’re stuck at plag checks from over a year ago. Wait until that’s solved. CodeChef is making big steps forward by improving server side of things, now all that’s left is completing the plagiarism checks, but that doesn’t happen overnight and we’re all fully aware of it.

Just take a look at 80% of cheaters here on CodeChef, all of them had a history of cheating up until mid 2020, and suddenly they became innocent, work hard, blah blah blah. We all know none of that is true in majority of cases (there are people that change, but not to that extent). Keep reporting, but don’t just constantly blame CodeChef for the cheating that’s currently going on, they know it and I know they’ll work it out, though it may take some time. :slight_smile:

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"some time. "

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I still don’t get why it’s that big of a problem. When you become better than those cheaters you can start taking Long’s comfortably without the fear of dropping place in the last day or two. Ok 60% of cheaters blindly copy-paste the code, but what about the ones that can reconstruct the solution once they see the code? They can’t be caught and that’s what’s happening in majority of competitive programming platforms, including CodeForces and AtCoder.

What would you say about people solving problems from alt accounts at AtCoder to make sure they can solve at least X problems and then submitting from the main account to assure themselves they’d gain rating?

It’s not your issue and rating in online contests does not matter. After all 90% of people on these platforms come to practice for local/international competitions in high school and college or brush up their skills for technical interview. After that, nobody really hangs out here and tries seriously. Rating is just a way to justify your future preparation decisions and measure your progress in a subjective way. Unless you take part in every single contest you can attend (of your preference, either Long and/or Short), your rating is meaningless. I happen to know many people who reach 1800 in CodeForces and stop competing for a while because they are scared of losing rating, then they come 3-4 months later and drop down to 1600. This is because there’s a huge luck factor involved in your contest performance and many times it has nothing to do with one’s skill. Sometimes I solve 5/6 problems rarely (but still it happens) 1/7. Does the fromer mean I am a person who is top 100/10k participants or does the latter say I am in the last 15%?

Stop giving shit about other people’s performance, cheating and what not. If they drop 100 points you gain nothing, just like you don’t lose anything if they go up by 100 points. The same applies to your rating and ranks, if I notice I solved 4/5 problems in 4/5 last contests and I couldn’t tackle the fourth problem 2 months ago, it’s a win in my book. If you cheat you’re lying to yourself and nobody else, it will all fall in water one day when you put your skills to an isolated test inside some institute or an office, the once known satisfaction and confidence go away and y’all see it was all just temporary.

Thanks @nichke for successfully wasting your time and that of others by writing such a long reply that already has been posted by many people here.

You don’t understand the real problem. Unlike you there are people that don’t know everything from the start itself but keep learning along the way.

They give long challenge honestly and still get a rank of 5k when in reality it should be 1k without cheating. I personally have a lot of friends that gave these challenges and were discouraged by seeing their ratings decreasing.

And this is not the right thread for giving a lecture. This one is for reporting plagiarism.


I’m sure no cheater copies all the problems that are available online and you can see that yourself, as the number of solves continues to drop as you move towards harder problems. If you are able to solve problem solved by 20% this time and the more difficult one next time I am quite sure your rank will improve. You’ll be top 2000 instead of top 500 yes, but that’s still far better than top 5000. If dropping rating is a concern, let CodeChef ratings start at 0 and calculate your true rating like AtCoder/CF does, so less newcomers will go from 1500 down to 1000. People will have low ratings, but hey if you want to break the barrier - you’ll have to work hard at it. Even if the “people with top 1000 ranks” deserve their “1k rank”, they’ll get stuck there if they don’t train hard, so again I see no issue with this whatsoever. And remind me of last time CodeChef took action against cheaters, what are you all trying to achieve by reporting some random person 10s of times? You’ve been here long enough to see nobody really cares, right?

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It takes some time but happens.

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