When will the TCS Codevita Interview results be released?

When we can expect results for non_premium college?

I wanted to ask that the one who has given the tcs interview through codevita can they register for tcsnqt?

as I have said earlier according to the mail I received it will be anytime before 11th oct

yes you can just wait for the results to be declared after that you will see the option of apply for drive in your next step portal…

So to conclude, the results will be out at least a week before NQT registrations ends, and then we can apply to NQT if not selected for the digital role through codevita? Is that correct?


then I guess they should declare the results before the registration ends of nqt

yes they can register for tcsnqt…

Yes, they should. We can hope for it!

You are from tcs premium college, that briefing u were talking about was given to you before on on campus digital recruitment right??

Bro, I am not from any premium college. And, that candidate briefing was scheduled by TCS two-day prior to my Codevita interview.

yes. I also had to give 2 interviews. The first one went great, but the second one went horrible.

You faced 2 Interview from codevita?

Yes. The first one was on 16th and the second one was on 24th.

Is there any chance to get into Digital from a single interview?
or else for Digital we have to face 2nd interview?

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I have filled the TCS NQT form but have not received the confirmation mail on my mail id. But I did receive my registration confirmation on my mobile number. Everyone other who registered got message on phone and mail on their respective id’s. is there going to be any issue with this. Have anyone faced something similar.

guys are the results out??

Didn’t receive any update.

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