Infosys SE, SES ,PP interview Experience 2020 and suggestions

Infosys announced that interviews for HackwithInfy 2020 shortlisted students will be starting from Aug 15 and they said to apply for the same through Infytq site. So please share some suggestions and Interview experiences so that other students may get idea about virtual interviews this year.
Please comment your experience as there will be different slots for interview. These are the things mentioned in Briefing session conducted by Infosys


Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was not able to attend the webinar . In the InfyTQ website , I can only see the interview-registration process for those who qualified infytq-round-2(which I did) , but I see NO section for Hackwithinfyi registration on their webiste : -

Or does it mean that, we have to register at the same place for both positions ? Thanks.

One of my friend who didn’t qualify in infytq but qualified in Hackwithinfy got mail to apply through infytq site. So i guess this application is for hackwithinfy qualified students.

yes, this application is for HackwithInfy not for InfytQ

No, its for both. Because I received mail from (Infytq) to register on that announcement banner as well

InfyTQ interviews are already done (atleast in my case )

No, they are not done for everyone. Last Batch was not able to give InfyTQ interview because of corona situation, our exam was postponed.
Can you please tell me what type of things were asked in INfyTQ interview ? Will be really grateful. Thanks.

I also cleared infytTQ round-2 which happened on 14th june 2020 and received the mail on 4th july, they told me that interview details will be shared soon but since then I’ve not received any other information from them, everytime I just see discussions based on hackwithinfy but not on infytq exam.

Can you please help me, when did you receive interview mail from infyTQ?

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On 10th of August, they sent me a mail to register for " Infosys Recruitment Process" on Inftqy Platform. I guess you should also register there.

Thank you, I’ll wait today if I receive any information from them otherwise I’ll fill it by tomorrow. Have they given you a last date till when you can fill the form?

Yeah in my case too its done in march but result of interview is not given.

Bro , the interview mail of 10th Aug was for candidates who cleared HWI not for Infytq .


Well,sorry,then. They mentioned “infytq” term so many times in the mail that I was convinced that it is related to Infytq :confused:

well i guess u didn’t remember that for HWI, we also registered from Infytq website :slight_smile: peace

I am trying to fill the application form for virtual interview but on the first section only I am getting the error:- “Some Error occurred, please try after sometime”

Anyone of you facing the same issue?

I talked to the representatives, they were saying many students are facing the same, so I don’t exactly know.

Anyone knows how to resolve this?
It would be really helpful.

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1). Have you ever taken any test with Infosys Limited?

  1. Have you ever been selected for Interview with Infosys Limited?

These questions are asked in Infosys Recruitment Registration Form, I have given InfyTQ and HackwithInfy exams should I check ‘YES’ in that question and also I have a an got an Interview for SES Role in Infosys which is due, should I check ‘YES’ in this also and if yes than what date should I put in ??

I’m also having the same problem

I am sending them emails everyday, still they are not replying back.

I don’t know if there is any deadline for this or not and even they did not mentioned any, so I am concerned a bit more.

Did you called or mailed them? Did they tell you what to do next? Any solutions?

Try with other browser. Wasn’t working with Chrome. Worked with Firefox.